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5 ways for heat treatment on roof in Pakistan

Heat Treatment on Roof

During the summer season, when the temperature is soaring above 35 C, it becomes quite unbearable for people to live inside their homes, due to all the trapped heat by the roof. In order to mitigate this effect, we use air conditioning, which not only consumes energy but also produces harmful gases into the atmosphere, which is the reason to increase global warming. There are plenty of methods used for heat treatment on roof which turns out to be effective with both a decrease in temperature and also require less amount of air conditioning usage. In Pakistan, there are quite a lot of heat proofing contractors which will come into play when you are looking for the best heat treatment on roof. Let’s learn about the most common ways used for roof heat proofing in Pakistan.

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Elastomeric Paint

The main feature of Elastomeric Paint is its property of expanding and contract as heat is applied to it. This process is chemically tuned which not only helps to prevent trap heat on the roof but also reflect around 60 to 70 percent of sunlight back into the atmosphere. White color paint has great solar reflectivity which not only reduces the total energy consumption for your homes but also keeps your house cool and pleasant. The application of elastomeric paint takes effect by using special heat proofing equipment, such as roller, spray, and buckets, to apply the paint over your roof. Specialized personnel is required to handle this process, as it’s important to know how much paint is required to mix with water, how many layers of paint should be applied in the most effective way, and how to protect oneself from the fumes of the chemical. By successfully applying elastomeric paint, you may achieve one of the most commonly used heat treatment on roof in Pakistan.

Foam Insulation

By installing layers of foam into your flat rooftops, you can experience a prominent reduction in heat inside your homes. Foam is considered to be a solid insulation material which can either be installed directly over the roof or between layers when the roof is being constructed. Foam insulation is one of the most used roof heat proofing treatment in Pakistan, The material used for foam insulation aluminum oxide ceramic foam, cementitious foam, wood foam, Polyethylene plastic foam, fiberglass insulation, Expanded Polystyrene, and thermal insulation.

Thermocol sheet

Many people knew thermocol as the Coca Cola of roof heat proofing. Chemically speaking, thermocol is called polystyrene, which is extracted from petroleum products, but completely synthetic. It’s readily available in abundance, so finding one for your roof proofing is not an issue. Thermocol is usually situated as a false ceiling, so that heat which enters into the roof is unable to trapped effectively. Usually, its avoided to place directly over the sunlight, cause its composition is weaker than the rest of the insulator materials. It has a low melting point, so it might get burned over excessive duration towards direct sunlight. The thermocol sheet is also among the top heat treatment on roof in Pakistan.

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Polyurethane Foam

Considered as the last resort in terms of roof heat proofing in Pakistan, it is an expanded foam which is applied through spray equipment with a highly secure suit to protect oneself. The properties of polyurethane are similarly worked as an insulation material, but with its composition and ready availability, it is used in any form of roof, for example, flat roof, steel roof, sloped roof or corrugated sheet roof. It can also be applied either at interior or exterior of homes and on the walls. Its much resistance to heat and can be applied either through semi-liquid, liquid and solid form.

Reflective foil sheet

The best things in the world are the most basic ones. Same can be said for heat treatment on roof in Pakistan. Simply applying white paint, insulation or foam may seem more advanced and scientific, but what if a reflective foil is used instead. It is known without a doubt that heat is reflected on a silver body, or if its mirror-like. The use of reflective foil sheets is an effective option that helps to prevent heat from entering into your homes and gets a cooling sensation without turning on the air conditioning unit, thus saving energy.


Air conditioning is not an option in our present times, as energy cost is adding up each month, it’s important to explore various other options that help people belong from any sectors such as residential, commercial or industrial and ensure that the heat which gets trapped on the roof in no more. This is the best heat treatment for roof in Pakistan.


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