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3 Common methods of heat proofing used in buildings

Unlike smalls homes, large buildings involve different method to make it heat resistant. There is no second opinion when we term increasing heat in Karachi and large residential building being expelled from the basic right of heat proofing. It’s as much of importance as it’s for small homes, but for the general public, in particular, are unfamiliar with the techniques that imply on the heat proofing when we are referring to large buildings. This article is aimed to provide some insight on some common methods for heat proofing in buildings and how much can we get secured from the intense heat waves through this method if possible.

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Pre-construction vs Post-Construction

Before going ahead with heat proofing solutions in buildings, there is something called preconstruction heat proofing and post-construction heat proofing. During the construction of the apartment is underway, we can apply heat insulation inside our walls because referring to buildings, walls are the main source from where heat enters inside our homes. Unlike small homes, where the roof is the major player in heat proofing application, make heatproof walls is a well-received solution that heat proofing company provide to their customers. But if the pre-construction is out of the questions, like in most cases, there is always pose construction heat proofing element within our reach, which is explained below.

Apply insulation around doors and windows

Heat proofing chemicals are usually suitable for small homes, since its applied at the external end of a home, since its not as easy as to apply heat proofing chemicals at the external end, we usually opt for heat insulation material along with the composition of special chemical that might come under the domain of heat proofing chemical treatment. Understanding parts inside a residential building that can become a source of heat, it must be closed down through specialized heat insulation material. For that very reason, it’s important to apply insulation around doors and windows, to stop any opening and also make it heat resistant as much as possible.

Building drywall

Walls is the secondary source from where heat enters, and through heat proofing and insulation materials, it’s possible to control the flow of heat into our homes and ensure that no problem ever occurs concerning wall-based heat conduction. Through the use of heat insulation, we apply a thin layer of material around the walls which are then coated with specialized material as a binder to make the insulation material permanently placed against the walls. Walls insulation is already a customary practice for small homes as well, so for large residential buildings, this part is also taken into consideration.

Insulation around ventilation

In some residential apartments, there is ventilation provided during the construction which helps the airflow and moisture control. Although it’s not advised to close down the ventilation, it’s always better to apply the insulation around the ventilation entrance around your home to ensure that hot air doesn’t circulate your rooms. Ventilation system if often near the corridor of the building, so it can be left as it is. Also, for duct sections, which is too located at the exterior of your rooms, can be left unattended.

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For Top floor homes

It’s a special case for homes located on the top floor in a residential building also known as penthouses, where roofs are provided to them. These house experience most heat during summer and cold during winters. With the advantage of the roof, comes to some disadvantages as well, but fortunately, through heat proofing chemical application, this trouble has a solution. Roof accessed homes can use heat proofing chemical similar to small homes since external roof can be easily attainable through a chemical treatment. This is only for penthouses and roof accessible homes, which is usually 2% in an apartment.


Heat proofing in buildings is indeed possible and these days become a necessity since the heat which is being increasing day by day, should be controlled through environment-friendly ways, out of which heat proofing chemicals leads the way. One thing to consider when applying for heat proofing for large buildings in Karachi is to confirm whether its a residential or commercial, because in most cases, the commercial buildings are already equipped with centralized air conditioning, and usually its walls are made from glass or other display material, which makes it difficult to apply heat proofing.

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