About LCS waterproofing solutions

Being one of the emerging waterproofing and heat proofing solutions in Pakistan, LCS waterproofing solutions is equipped with the means and minds that make sure that the result which our clients are expecting from our, is thoroughly maintained with best of our abilities. Whether its roof heat proofing, roof heat insulation, roof waterproofing, foundation waterproofing, leakage and seepage control and many other services which is directed towards a damage either from water or sunlight, our team of expert and support personnel will make sure that no trouble ever emerges again once our services are carried out with great results.

An All-rounder service for waterproofing solutions in Pakistan

Much chemical treatment solution provides in Pakistan is equipped with various skills and department but are not considered to be the all-rounder service in general. We have spent enough experience on the ground to understand it clearly that waterproofing solution in Pakistan is no small fish. In fact, the clients and customers make it is quite important in their lives that leakage and seepage are controlled whether it’s anywhere located or with any surface its subjected to, such as concrete, steel or corrugated sheets.

LCS waterproofing solutions along with various other chemical solutions at our disposals take great pride in the department of waterproofing in Pakistan that includes roof waterproofing, basement waterproofing, foundation waterproofing, bathroom waterproofing, water tank waterproofing, bathroom leakage waterproofing, dampness on the wall treatment and Joint expansion treatment. The solution which is used for all these purposes is of high quality and experts are all ready to perform nothing short of our work.

Our Customers

Lakhwa chemical services have really done this time by providing nothing short than a marvel. With compact scheduling, professionalism at its best and service as per advertise, the fantastic people at Lakhwa Chemical Services are someone to contact with for waterproofing and heat proofing jobs.

Speedy work, delivery as expected, and jaw-dropping after sales service, is what Lakhwa Chemical Services are known for.

Our Values

Lakhwa chemical Services are simply a chemical treatment company whose aim is to repair any water leakage and seepage damage for our clients. Along with the heat, insulation chemicals to secure our client from intense heat waves as well, through using sun reflective paint and effective thermal insulation material that does that trick. Being one of the emerging waterproofing and heat proofing chemical treatment solution in Pakistan, Lakhwa Chemical Services takes great pride in our satisfied customers and the work that we are remembered by them.

Keeping people out of various issues that can be fixed without any trouble, is what Lakhwa Chemical Services aims to provide. People getting relaxed knowing that chemical treatment service is on the go if by any chance our clients are in need of our services to fix leakage and seepage solution.

We stay abreast of any technological advancement in the field of chemically tested solutions that are not only safe for the environment but also helps our clients at the same time. Lakhwa chemical Services will keep a direct connection with the market to promote services with best of our abilities.

Determination, Hard work, Focus, and sincerity is what Lakhwa Chemical Services believes. We understand it more than anything else that the service which we provide is result oriented. And if we are unable to show our seriousness in this regard, it’s evident that our company might turn into an ordinary one.