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Properties of Sun Reflective paint for the roof in Pakistan

Sun Reflective Paint for Roof

Increase in heat is unavoidable in Pakistan as each year brings more temperature with it. Especially for coastal areas, where rain is considered negligible while humidity is at its extreme. Science has to play an important role in paving out a various solution for the common man, and we are not talking about air conditioning. Using Sun reflective paint for the roof and the chemistry involved in it, we can manage quite a remarkable difference in heat buildup over our roofs. In Pakistan, where most houses are made up of concrete, the use of these special paints is essential in order to become energy-efficient and create a sense of cool roof feasibility. So, what are these paint and how its possible for solar reflective to take place?

Sun reflective paint color

If you didn’t know before, the Sun reflective paint for roof comes in different color, unlike the ordinary roof heat proofing paint, which only comes in white. The reason for various color is due to the fact, that not everyone wants to make their roof and wall completely white, which decreases the purpose of aesthetic in the first place Through vigorous chemical processes and experiments, science is able to provide various sun reflective paint colors for consumer market, which includes darker colors as well, such as black. The term ‘cool colors’ which specifically means brighter colors have shown various controversies based on our normal day proceedings. The biggest of them all is the possibility of airline mishap as being the possibility for sun reflection to be exerted by the rooftop and makes it harder to navigate the aircraft. Other than that, white color is easily absorbed spots and dirt which increase the up keeping cost to refurbish it every time it gets dirty.

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An aluminum coating based paint

Let’s talk about the composition of these sun reflective paint for roof used in Pakistan. As explained above, the white color for roof heat proofing is actually an Elastomeric based chemical coating which only comes in a white color for rooftops that have comparatively large wavelength reflection, unlike other color palettes. For sun reflective paint for the roof, is composed of aluminum coating which has the ability to reflect the highest number of Solar Radiation which is not only received by the sun but also exerted by ‘urban heat island’ effect in large cosmopolitan. The Special coating paint over various color is now possible as the effectiveness of aluminum greatly help to increase the roof cool effect as well as reduces the overall energy consumption for your homes.


Best suited for concrete roofs

As this sun reflective paint for the roof is specially designed for rooftops, it’s important to learn what material can undergo chemical treatment from these paints. As for Pakistan, since almost 99% of our homes, are made up of concrete, the heat proof expert can easily apply the paint over the surface to have the maximum effect over the rooftops. Beside concrete flooring, the solar reflective paint for roof also supports, Sidings and Stucco material as to get properly applied on the surface. Using these types of specially designed pigment over your exterior walls instead of conventional paints, not only you’ll home will get cool sensation and decrease in the electricity bill, but also with various color palettes, it can be used to enhance the aesthetic composition of your humble abode.

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Colors available for Sun reflective paint for the roof

For outdoor, we usually use a few renowned colors which have the property of long life and higher durable for re-painting the surface. As for Sun reflective paint for the roof, the average re-paint duration is around 10 years. Not only it provides its purpose to be a heat proofing chemical in Pakistan but also works as a waterproofing agent to prevent some degree of leakage and seepage over your rooftops. As for various colors available in the market are red, gray, tans, brown, yellow, mauves, terracotta, greens and beiges. Indeed there are a lot more colors based on this spectrum of solar reflective paint for a roof for the customer to enjoy.


Heat troubles everyone, whether it’s young or old, living in the city or villages. Sometimes, the best way for a turnaround is by using the latest technologies because that’s where the world is heading. The use of solar reflective paint for roof first emerges in Germany on 1970s, then it reached to US and Australia. Being a successful chemical composition to help our homes safeguarded from the build up heat, Its quite necessary to have a proper application of sun reflective paint for the roof.

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