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Reduce electricity bill using heat proofing services in Karachi

In Pakistan, the electric is not cheap it has been observed that we are among most those countries in Asia where per rates charges of electricity are expensive in term so Product Parity. Keeping this into consideration, Pakistan is also a hot zone, where summer lasts long and are gradually becoming more severe due to global warming and climate change. If this motion keeps going in terms of increase of weather, our living conditions would be drastically effects, where most of the trouble directly correspond with an increasing amount of electric bill that comes up every month. It’s important to use any secondary methods that will help reduce the electricity bill as well as provide some relief from hot weather. And what else comes into our mind than the revolutionary solution provided by heat proofing solution in Pakistan.

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Purpose of Sun reflective paint 

A heat proofing chemical provides security from direct sunlight. Applying over the roof will ensure that most of the sunlight is reflected with great result. This works like a mirror effect, and not only that, due to white color, the solar radiation that comes in the form urban Island effect, is also controlled. Averagely speaking, over 10 degrees in internal temperature is reduced after the application of heat proofing chemicals. This reduction of chemicals has a direct impact on our health as well as the reduction in electric bills. Sun reflective paint is surely a good alternative for reducing heat inside your home, instantly.

Lower internal temperature

When the internal temperature is lowered down to a certain extent that we begin to feel a substantial difference in our lives, it saves to say that heat proofing does works. Its a proven concept, that lower internal temperature using chemical treatment will work for years, without any maintenance cost, more importantly, if you happen to avail this heat proofing service through a heat proofing company in Pakistan, there are more benefits which comes to your way along, one of the leading advantages is warranty of the product as well as application for several years, including in the proposal.

Air conditioner settings

With such hot temperature which continuously raging up as summer times comes closer, the air conditioning activity also increases. In Pakistan, where electricity is not cheap, the air conditioning is still considered as luxury, although it becomes more and more a need for people, most importantly to children, old and sick people. With heat proofing application, the air conditioning will directly comply. This is possible through the use of temperature control, and when the roof is cooler than before, the rate of compressor trip is more frequent than before, which saves up electricity and ensures that cooling is not distorted. The main purpose of air conditioning is to make the room chiller and adequate to make the air dry, so that precipitation is controlled.

Fridge performance

Another electricity-intensive appliance used at our home is a fridge or freezer. Its job is to make food and items cooler so that thing remains perfect for a long duration. During the hot summer season, when the internal temperature is so great, the compressor takes time to make things chiller, which takes up electricity bill to the roof. After the application of heat proofing chemical, there is a straight relationship with the fridge to become more stable in terms of cooling consistency that goes a long way.

Saving on electric bills

Saving electricity through air conditioning and fridge is proven tactics which can be achieved through heat proofing solution in Pakistan. All over the world, the electric bills saving and reduction of internal heat is follows with chemical treatment or heat insulation, both are provided by waterproofing experts in Pakistan. It is calculated that over 60% of savings are achieved through heat proofing solution which is itself a great relief point that ensures that chemical treatment is by far the most valued solution one might go for.

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Ensures Return of Investment 

Before we keep telling more benefits, there is something of a catch, which usually keeps people in guessing game when it comes to heat proofing services, and that is an investment. The cost is reasonable, but it’s still an additional cost, which looks like its an optional thing. Air conditioning, on the other hand, is necessary for instant relief, that takes hours for fixing, while application of chemical is a day-long job. There is also more labor involved in chemical treatment that setting up the air conditioning. This is also true, but what if we tell you that heat proofing will ensure to provide Return Of Investment (ROI) of every cost that you have added. Saving electricity is a huge relief point which cannot be ignored since air condition is being used for decreasing heat temperature which is itself a big cost bearing part of our budget.

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