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Is heat proofing expensive in Karachi?

Security from scorching heat is everyone’s right since it’s about the matter of one’s well being. But isn’t high cost of heat proofing becoming a sort of hurdle in the application? Briefly speaking, heat proofing is the chemical application over the roofs which reflects heat radiation and makes your home cooler without any external source. Its a revolutionary solution in Pakistan where electricity is expensive and air conditioning is only solution to limit the heat, something absolutely out of most people’s reach cause energy bills won’t allow us to freely use air conditions. That being said, let’s examine a bit further and to understand that is heat proofing expansive in Karachi?

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Product Cost

Heat proofing is covered through chemical treatment, hence its all boils down to the cost of products available in the market. The products come in two sections, imported and locally made. Of course local made is way cheaper than the later without compromising on the quality. The second thing to see in the product is the warranty, usually, it lasts several years. A heat proofing company will provide more help and to give information about the product such as its brand name, how much years will the heat proofing last in your roof, any environmental hazards if there are any and costs. Plus if you happen to purchase a product on your own, you might need to do some market research. Also buying in bulk will give you a reasonable discount as well.

Labor Cost

Heat proofing product alone will be of no use until it applied properly over your roof and walls. People who have some experience on heat proofing business must be trusted to do this job since the product does look like paint, but it’s far more potent and has different methods to tackle it since its all about reflecting sunlight from your roof. A good and reputable heat proofing company will provide labor and product both, not to mention they will cover warranty from labor end as well like if you fell there are some issues with the proper chemical application, the waterproofing company will come again for fixing the issue without any additional cost. Isn’t it awesome?

Market Fluctuations

Market stability is a big question mark in Karachi, and since there is no telling who market reacts daily, a steady price tag is virtually impossible to provide. That being said, the market provides almost consist cost of the product, but it’s better to do some footwork and explore the market a bit. Doing this will assist the consumer to understand points of interest such as retail, and whole sellers. Some factories make these products, so reaching them for the product needs are also possible, and that can only be achieved through heat proofing companies since they deal with supply and demand in Karachi.

Types of heat proofing

Luckily for consumers, various types of heat proofing is done in Karachi. All of these have varying cost so it provides a good option list to customers and provides a room for a little bit of exploring. The most popular product that is used for roof heat proofing in Karachi is an elastomeric based solution. It’s white and looks like paint. It applied either by roller or paint brush in merely hours. It’s also the most cheaper in terms of cost. To make it more potent in terms of strength to heat proofing, there is another product, known as an insulation sheet, which reflects the sunlight directly and resists it from entering into the roof, known as canvas cloth.

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Heat proofing confirms ROI

No matter which product you select, the price range will surely make a dent in your wallet, cause it’s considered an advanced solution. No matter the choice of the heat proofing, there is a definite possibility of Return of Investment that will surely cover and provide more financial benefits to you in the long run. The low temperature that will be the byproduct of heat proofing, will have a direct effect on your energy bill. Since the temperature will be more bearable and controlled, the air conditioning will be controlled in a manner most adequate, and its effect will be examined in just your next month bill.


Heat proofing, comparable to other solutions to limit heat in your roof is considered the most cost-effective as ever. The chemical cost in Pakistan is way cheaper than electricity, the same can be said to roof gardening, insulation by wood, and water spray system. Chemical application is not just safer to the environment, your health but the wallet as well.


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