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Corrugated sheet and relationship with waterproofing in Karachi

Various types of roofing materials are being used in Karachi with their own set of pros and cons, to say the least. By keeping this concept in mind, the corrugated sheet as the roof is very popular among residential and commercial uses, whether you are using for your shed, garage, or store home. The use of corrugated sheet is by no means a bad deal, due to numerous advantages it precedes within itself that includes, low cost, low maintenance, security from rain, and does everything you expect from a roof. Enough has been said in the support of corrugated sheet, but like we mentioned about some of the cons before, its only natural to have these drawbacks that sometimes gets in the way of our customers and makes quite a troubling nature for people using the corrugated sheet as roofing material in Karachi. Let’s see how waterproofing service helps to cover the shortcomings from the corrugated sheet used as a roofing material.

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The metal sheet is prone to water

The first damaging reality where most people just has to surrender from the fact that metal sheet, no matter of which structure they are made of, are greatly prone to water-based damage. If water happens to leak over the roof, it will withstand the direct effect, but after a certain period passes, the harmful effects come barging in, that could affect not just our interior, but as well as our well being. Availing the corrugated sheet waterproofing service definitely comes in the rescue to fulfil this leakage trouble since the chemical applied is not just resistant to water, but the air-tightness is created after the chemical is placed, ensure the homeowner that not the corrugated sheet is updated to such a point, that now it can withstand even the harshest of conditions without a sweat.

No ability to sustain weight

A corrugated sheet is made entirely from metal and other composite material for one objective, provide a substitute for an ordinary roof for the user. Keeping that in mind, the roof plays quite well in most domains, but poor in others. One of the below-par areas comes the ability to withstand additional weight over its structure. What we try to mention is the during the application of corrugated sheet being laid down as the roofing material, you can’t place any additional layering of metal sheet to get protected from numerous effects such as rain, leakage from some water pipe or simply adding padding to counter intense summer heat in Karachi. The use of waterproofing chemicals could come in your rescue in this domain as well since it does everything which the corrugated sheet is missing to provide, an additional protective layer.

Heat is another issue

Here some the sun, and with summer over our head, the sun is no longer adored like it used to be. Specifically, the corrugated sheet owners will understand what are we talking about. The damaging effect that comes during the intense heat, when it directly applied over the corrugated sheet with no resistant option in between, the cumulative temperature around the internal rooms where the corrugated sheet is protecting, will surely increase drastically. A waterproofing chemical, although helps to control the leakage, but with moisture adds up all around the sheet, produces much more heat effect if no water content is present over the corrugated sheet. The waterproofing product will ensure that the moisture content limits as much as possible.

Holes, holes everywhere

A corrugated sheet during construction and its placement over the walls or columns has to have certain fastening points or holes for nuts where it can get fastened properly. It is only possible that certain holes will be used while others won’t. The one which is not being used is damaging for internal rooms. There is no option to filling these holes cause the metal sheet is slimmer than anything else. So the only viable solution to cover up these holes is through applying the corrugated sheet waterproofing service that ensures that not only the holes and fastener points are properly covered up, but at the same time, the homeowner gets protected from rainwater, leakage, and other harmful water-based problems.

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Excruciating Sound during rain

The sounds caused during rain over the corrugated sheet is deafening. The reduction if this sound sometimes is quite important cause it could make one uncomfortable to a degree where it effects on its well-being. Through making the sheet thicker, the vibration reduces, but as we mentioned above, it’s quite risky to add additional weight over the corrugated sheet since its lightweight and has thinner thickness. A waterproofing solution will use as a secondary material, although a chemical process, the vibration will surely reduce to a much higher level, reducing the sound over the corrugated sheet greatly.


We can conclude in our findings and from various other methods that there is indeed a substantial relationship between waterproofing materials and corrugated sheet. Based on our understanding, every corrugated sheet show goes through the process of waterproofing solution in Karachi to obtain the fruits and get protected not just 100%, but 100% at reasonable cost.

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