We provide Roof Heat Proofing in Karachi

LCS waterproofing solutions is considered among the leading chemical treatment by providing the top-notch heat proofing services in Karachi. Whether its residential, commercial or industrial, our expert team of individual will make sure that no area is left untreated through where heat might enter into the interior unnoticed. The services which we offer includes with the top brands from around the world or locally made based on the preference of our customers. The sun reflective paint for heat proofing in Karachi has always been the top selling product throughout the years and which has made many changes into the industry of roof heat proofing in Karachi.

There is another top trending service which we provide to our customers, in the department of heat roof cool. Much has been achieved in this regards but as a emerging heat proofing service in Karachi, the capability that we possess in this department has always made quite clear that our experts had applied great dedication, hard work, and sincerity into their job which made it possible for our customers to keep coming back for additional work, which is our motto for LCS waterproofing solutions to begin within the first place.

Roof heat solutions that do the job right

The roof is the singular most effective place where entire heat is directed forcefully into your entire facility if left untreated. It is the job of chemical treatment contractors to make sure that no heat ever encounters into our customer’s presence and that they ever feel roof heat solutions within their reach. As LCS waterproofing solutions believes in the right roof heat solutions for our customers, we make sure that no heat ever comes into your way more especially during the hot and scorching heat waves, which not only affects people in general but also ruins your beautiful construction to a greater extent.

LCS waterproofing solutions is fully mobilized to provide the best of the best solution for our customer located everywhere in Pakistan. There is a fine line between roof heat solution and heat proofing in Karachi, which we make sure that our customers are well treated with the best of our abilities. With everything else in consideration, the roof heat proofing makes sure that not only your roof is pretty cooled down and properly insulated, but also you happen to save a lot of money by conserving heat energy in the form of lower the air conditioning unit to run rampantly.

Heat proofing Services

Roof heat proofing and chemical treatment provided by LCS waterproofing solutions make sure that our customer is provided with the state of the art heat proofing service in Karachi and all around Pakistan. Our skilled full team of experts manages even the toughest job without a hitch, which has been our pride for years to come. Before anything else, it’s our duty, being the top-notch provider of chemical treatment for roof heat proofing services as well as wall heat proofing services, we make sure that no heat ever come into your way and harm your health or interior ever again. This is what we believe in and strive to achieve.

Roof Heat proofing

The service roof heat proofing is gaining real momentum in Karachi due to the adversary effect from the heat wave and various urban heat trap effects which makes people life unbearable especially during the start of the summer season. It is the job of LCS waterproofing solutions to make sure that no roof heat proofing ever does proper fairness to you expect what we claim to provide, which is an 85% sun reflection guaranteed as well as 30% energy saving in the result of it. With a reasonable amount to avail our roof heat proofing service for your homes and offices, we make sure that our customers are a happy customer once we concluded our chemical treatment.

Wall Heat Proofing

Unlike roof heat proofing in Karachi, which is ultimate covers 40% of your surroundings, there is another 60% of the construction which makes it evident that heat is absorbed within itself during the day time, and afterwards released during the night time, making it quite difficult for people to have a cool night sleep. With LCS waterproofing solutions into play, it is our job as chemical treatment services provider in Karachi, we aim to make sure that our chemical solutions also cover wall heat proofing for our clients to ensure that no heat ever comes into your way that might affect your heat into the negative manner and ruins your good night sleep in any way possible.

Get free inspection for Roof insulation service in Karachi

With much happening in Pakistan regarding tough financial issues and increasing electric units, people don’t want to avail any new service at once which adds up additional cost and make a dent into their pockets. For that purpose, LCS waterproofing solutions got you back and want to provide as much relief as possible. With our free inspection for roof insulation service in Karachi, we ensure that each customer at least gets a free estimation for their roofs and walls so that they might understand the initial costing for the entire work and gets their assumptions to turn into exact value instead, provide with more solid stance for our customer to comply with.

Being one of the emerging heat proofing services in Karachi, LCS waterproofing solutions make sure that our free inspection for roof insulation services in Karachi helps our customer with the best of our abilities by reducing the stored up heat and makes their life easier as much as possible. Through dedication, hard work and sincerity, we only manage to make chemical treatment works as we intend it to produce results. As expectation rises through our service-oriented approach, we make sure that our customers keep their level to the maximum while contacting LCS waterproofing solutions and ensure that we give you as much relief as we can.

Our service greatly Reduce heat from the roof

LCS waterproofing solutions makes sure that our customer enjoys a cool sensation over their rooftops after our state of the art chemical treatment is covered with the complete application all over Pakistan. We help not only the residential sector but also commercial and industrial sectors take great benefit from our chemical service which assists them in their roof cooling solutions and other various benefits provided by heat proofing company in Pakistan. It is without a doubt that heat is gaining momentum day by day with the global warming turning its toll over large metropolis especially Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Quetta, it’s only evident that we provide the service which aims at best solutions for our customer in the department of reducing heat from the roof.

The main goal is to serve our customer with the best and state of the art chemical solution that makes sure that your ceiling and walls are properly heatproof and insulated so that no heat ever comes inside your homes or office. By doing that, our customers will surely secure a lot of savings in terms of energy conservation and the monthly electricity bills reduction will cover all the application cost for the heat proofing paint used to greatly reduce heat from the roof.

Introducing sun reflective paint for the roof

The roof is the singular most concentrated area where the heat builds up to its maximum and entire home gets effects from it. This is due to the fact the sun radiation manages to overcome the hurdles of concrete protection, as the concrete has the property to easily bypass water and heat over it as respect to time. During the summer days, it is observed that during the day time, when the sun is at its peak, the radiation is stored over the roof and when night time comes in our way, the same radiation is then dissipated which makes the entire interior like over and air conditioning gets to help reduce the temperature with the effect of high electricity bill at the end of the month.

With the product features by LCS waterproofing solutions in Pakistan, we manage to introduce sun reflective paint for the roof which greatly helps our customers to reduce the heat build-up during the day in the form of heat reflecting back into the atmosphere. Simply through the use of chemicals solution such as Elastomeric paint, and with the help of our experts in LCS waterproofing solutions, we maintain a better portfolio in reducing the additional heat throughout our methods and made sure that our customer gets a breadth of refined air when our service is concluded.

Considered best Service as roof insulation Pakistan

The service which we offer for our customer in Pakistan always remains the pivotal focal point where our clients maintained a good position through our service-oriented approach when we proceed with the work as chemical solution and treatment company in Pakistan. The best service in terms of heat-proofing will always remain the roof insulation service in Pakistan, which is although expensive tasks to go through, the rewards are enormous when done properly. Through our years of experience and equipped available at our disposal we make sure that all of our clients get what they paid for or even more than that.

LCS waterproofing solutions as a wide variety of insulation solutions for rooftops in Pakistan, where its in the form of spray application, or simply sheets that are applied all over the roof and walls, we make sure that both your interior and exterior are properly insulated providing no chance for heat to come into your way and affect your home negatively anyway possible. Through hard work, devotion, and sincerity, LCS waterproofing solutions makes sure that all of the work is done through heaps and bounds and not heat ever comes into our customer’s way which might affect our clients through emotionally and physically as well.

We offer best roof cooling ideas to our clients

Roof heat proofing has been implemented for more than two decades with mostly roof cool paint being at the forefront, providing a cheap alternative of saving electricity bill and helping your home with staying cool during the summer days. There are always newer ways to apply to your residential, commercial and industrial sector which gets even more readily available and cheaper for application. We, as an emerging heat proofing company in Pakistan, take with great pride that we possess one of the best roof cooling ideas to our clients with great wisdom. Seeing the work around us and the precedent speed on which they are being developed, it’s only fair to utilize the strength of the product either through importing the goods and learning the way or making on our own.

LCS waterproofing solutions understand this more than anyone else that the need for a top-notch research facility for heat proofing related work much be made. Besides the products and its application which people need to have for their rooftops, LCS waterproofing solutions understands it more than anyone else that the use of various roof cooling idea within our budget and scope of knowledge is the need of an hour. With the climate change and global effects on the rise, using heat insulation materials and products that has a good environmental friendliness, must be obtained and work around to produced should be the state of the art.


According to standard practice, it usually takes around 5-6 hours to fully apply a roof heat proofing chemicals within the dimension of 800 x 800 sq feet. As the area gets increased, so is the time with a few minutes adding heat sq ft.

The heat insulation is done either by exterior application or also through the inside of the walls during construction of your residential or commercial houses, either way, the insulation is a bit messy but gets finished with a day or two.

The widely used insulation materials for thermal insulation are polyurethane insulation, reflective panels made from aluminum and wooden blocks.

The thermal solution which we provide to our customers depends on the area where it’s being implemented. To talk about a lump sum, we provide elastomeric paint as a cheap thermal solution which cost around thousands.