Concrete water tank waterproofing services

For anyone who is facing real fix from their leaking over the head water tank, the only possible solution one might avail is through using water tank waterproofing services in Karachi. LCS waterproofing solutions understand it quite evident that leaking water tank is absolutely dangerous if kept untreated. It is very necessary to make sure that the water tank is protected at all cost, which means applying necessary chemical treatment over it and ensure that no leakage and seepage ever existed over its walls. As most of the water tank might be constructed with concrete material, it’s inevitable that the leaking of water will happen sooner rather than later if you haven’t properly made it waterproof yet.

LCS waterproofing solutions want to provide the service for concrete water tank which helps them safeguard their structure and process of a water tank, which is to make sure that over an underground water tank is completely waterproof at all cost. The water tank waterproofing service in Karachi uses various types of chemical treatment which are being procured by industry standard material, such chemicals work with great result and force in order to stop the unnecessary leakage and seepage of water across the concrete walls. Lakhwa Chemical Service had never gone away from our responsibility to ensure that proper protection is being provided to our customers who are willing to have a perfect concrete water tank waterproofing service in Karachi.

Ultimate Water tank wall seepage treatment

The wall seepage might occur anywhere around your home, that includes the bathroom, your corridor, balcony or even basement. But in the first instance, most of our customers will observe the seepage been displayed around their water tank walls. This is due to the fact that water being stored in water tank 24/7, and with such pressure, no matter how strong is the concrete water tank, either it’s overhead, or underground water tank, the walls will exert damage reaction in no time whatsoever. As an indication of intense water damage, you will notice the fine line of wall seepage being noticeable across the water tank. LCS waterproofing solutions provides the ultimate water tank wall seepage treatment for our customers that does the job right.

Provide liquid waterproofing products

No matter how much we have been worked on various projects around Pakistan, we have only used a single product for water tank waterproofing out of several others, which is usually in the form of liquid waterproofing products. The main reason for using these types of waterproofing products is due to the fact that concrete wall might need to be extra protected for most cases, as it uses the intensity of great exert force when water is being stored inside the water tank. Through providing liquid waterproofing products to our customers, we ensure that the products are properly secured, dried up and shows the high-performance characteristic once it’s properly deployed.

Best waterproofing membrane for our customers

If you want to have something more powerful than a simple liquid waterproofing product for your water tank, we have another option that will surely withstand even the hardest pressure of water exerted throughout the concrete walls. With the best waterproofing membrane for our customers, we ensure the most safest and corrected approach in order to encourage our customers that we as LCS waterproofing solutions are completely equipped with the modern day to mean and methods that will surely assist our customers to make sure that no leakage and seepage ever comes into their way once are service is properly concluded.

Deliver waterproofing services for underground water tank

For an underground water tank, the chemical solution that usually helps reduce the water leakage and seepage are completely fixed with the help of chemicals that are the same for the overhead water tank. The application is also similar, as of the subsequent service. This method is possible due to the fact that service which is delivered by LCS waterproofing solutions in Karachi has made sure that waterproofing services for the underground water tank are properly been provided to our clients whether they belong to Karachi or outskirts area of Karachi that includes, Bahria town, DHA City, Nooriabad and Hyderabad.

We manage the different structure of water tanks

No matter how you look at, the water tank is quite a sturdy looking area which has deeply strength to withstand even the harsh water damage and can run for a longer period of time as well. But no matter how strong it is made for the first time, if you happen to leave it as it its, cracks, mold and mildew will begin to rise, that will only add trouble into the lives of our customers. While we manage the different structure of the water tank in Karachi, the products used for this purpose is of great importance as well. Being the top notch and one of the emerging water tank waterproofing service in Karachi, we made sure that no trouble is ever faced by our customers in the department of water tank waterproofing whether its overhead water tank or underground water tank.

Handles acrylic water tank waterproofing services

Water tank waterproofing is quite a risky operation during its repairing. This is due to the fact that the compound used to cover up the damage is highly volatile during its application. LCS waterproofing solutions and its experts individual are all equipped with the modern technology and know-how as of how to manage the best possible methods to ensure that we handle acrylic water tank waterproofing services to best of our abilities.

Elevated water tank services and waterproofing solutions

For home and offices, usually, the water tank is situated around the top floor of the building or house. But for a society in general, where more water is needed to secure and possess less danger than equipped a water tank within the residential areas, is called elevated water tank. Through our experience, working on elevated water tank means to understand the complete construction and ensure that no crack ever comes into our way of the water tank by providing fine waterproofing solution to our customers.

Through the use of different chemical solutions such as liquid or membrane application, it’s possible to seal a concrete water tank successfully

Due to its closed border and wall, no ventilation is possible and neither sunlight could enter into the walls, Once the waterproofing chemicals are applied, around two weeks are required to let the chemical dried out.

One of the advantages of waterproofing, the chemical is that it doesn’t get off from water, so once the solution is properly applied and dried up, the solution will have no effect on the water or make it chemically unstable any way possible.