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How to prevent the roof from sun heat in Pakistan?

There are different types of roofs in Pakistan, for example, a roof made from concrete, metal, and bricks. No matter the roof structure and material, the heat problem during the summer season is a common occurrence each year. That’s why it leads us to talk more about how to prevent the roof from sun heat […]

Can Thermocol be used for heat insulation in Pakistan?

A big question often comes under consideration by many homeowners “can Thermocol be used for heat insulation in Pakistan”? This question can be simply answered in yes as well as explained in detail for our readers. Let’s learn more by understanding the practical uses of Thermocol materials in our lives. Uses of Thermocol material  Talking […]

Benefits of corrugated iron roof waterproofing in Karachi

It’s not pretty to look at our corrugated sheet get leaked most from raining. To fix this issue once and for all, we simply apply a corrugated iron roof waterproofing solution in Karachi. It’s simply a coat with water-resistant quality. Once applied, it makes water leakage that comes from penetration quite difficult. It’s a solution […]

List of fumigation services in Karachi

Why it’s important to learn the latest list of fumigation services in Karachi? It works as a phone book guide for users that can easily discover it and make use of it as per their requirements. Some companies are already among the top list of fumigation services in Karachi for years and providing their services […]

How to fix bathroom tiles leakage solutions in Pakistan?

No one is fully secure from the damages of leakage and seepage in their home. Where there’s more water, the leakage will equally haunt us even to a greater degree. That’s what has made many people rely on 3rd generation solution, such as chemical-based bathroom tiles leakage solution. But how does bathroom tiles leakage solution […]

How to treat dampness in internal walls?

It’s a nightmare for people experiencing the harshest level of dampness in their walls. Many are still confused to see their walls getting patches of damages all without any reason. This leads to the main question, how to treat dampness in internal walls? We have created this article to answer just question with as much […]