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Which Heat Proof Materials are Optimal for Summer Season?

The summer season brings sweltering heat and perspiring conditions within closed structures. Naturally, finding ways to keep your living space cool and comfortable becomes a top priority. Choosing heat-proof materials for your home can contribute to reducing heat absorption and maintaining a pleasant indoor environment. Here are some optimal heat-proof materials to consider for the […]

What to do if Water Tank is Leaking?

Generally, water tanks are made from steel, metal, plastic, or concrete. To ensure their longevity and performance, you need to check the lining and structure (exterior and interior) for leaks, cracks, or holes. Mold and mildew growth, dirt, and particulates can also coalesce and develop unhygienic conditions. To clean the water-holding container, you need to […]

What Temperature should a House to avoid Dampness?

Maintaining the right temperature of your premises is essential to prevent dampness and create a comfortable living environment. Dampness occurs due to excessive moisture in the air, which leads to condensation, mold growth, and other problems. To fix such issues, it is important to understand the optimal temperature range for your home. 18 to 21 […]

What causes Waterproofing to Fail?

According to experts, “waterproofing constitutes 1-2% of the total cost of construction and 80% for renovation and refurbishing projects. The waterproofing membrane or coating is only as perfect as the surface on which it is applied on.” The process is labor-intensive and measured; workers need to assess the environmental conditions, mixing ratios, and other aspects […]

What are the Properties of Waterproofing?

Overcast conditions, petrichor in the air, and water droplets falling from the sky is a scenic view for most individuals. They can enjoy their time on their rooftops or terraces with a cup of tea and refreshments. However, others have to make amends in such situations; falling or leaking roofs, cracked shingles, and granule filled […]

What are the Basic principles of Waterproofing?

Liquid or sheet-based processes, including waterproofing, are finalized with protocols, regulations, equipment, and of course, experts! These coverings are applied in areas where water entrainment is probable, such as basements, decks, and foundations. Each waterproofing chemical is used for a specific purpose. For example, polyurethane coatings are applied on cabinets, fixtures, and floors. Similarly, bitumen […]

Is Polyurethane Waterproofing on Concrete?

Polyurethane coating is moisture-intolerant and sturdy, provided the layers are doubled or quadrupled. It forms a plastic-type surface that prevents water ingress as the floor undergoes thermal fluctuations. Liquid polyurethane should not be applied in areas where moisture is present. A chemical reaction takes place if the liquid comes in contact with moisture. More specifically, […]