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Types of foundation waterproofing in Karachi

A waterproofing service is a chemically based treatment which people apply to stop leakage and other water-based damages. If we talk about foundation waterproofing, the same chemical is applied around the foundation of your facility, where its commercial, residential or industrial. Mainly, the method and techniques involved during the foundation waterproofing in Karachi defer from other domain of waterproofing services. In today’s article, we want to clarify to some extent about various types of foundation waterproofing in Karachi. This knowledge is also important for homeowners and people who want to learn something related to foundation waterproofing in general. Our scope is to inform people about the possibilities of any unfortunate event that could happen out of leakage and seepage from the foundation.

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Foundation types and structure

Foundation is of basically 4 different types, namely, basement, crawlspace, concrete, and beam. Since structure entirely depends on which type of foundation is being applied and how would it support the facility. Since the construction and possibilities of foundation support are not the scopes of this article, we will only confine ourselves on the discussion of waterproofing related to the foundation. The chemical application for all of this foundation is somewhat similar, but the real difference lies in the technical implementation. Since the waterproofing companies know who to handle work as professional as possible, which takes fewer times to perform and produce maximum output to the customer. Let’s find out about the major 4 types of foundation waterproofing in Karachi.

Basement waterproofing

During the construction of the foundation, there are various ways to do it. But most importantly, you might notice a space which helps create a vacuum for the home and can also be used as a storage space. The room is usually just a staging area for various stuff, such as geyser, stove temperature setter, the stuff of your home, etc. The basement foundation is absolutely a different service which can be considered as a waterproofing service on its own. If we join the basement with foundation, it’s also possible. The waterproofing application for basement needs to be applied on both sides of the basement and also the ground, which takes much time, effort and quantity of product. This is usually the most invested area among all 4 types of foundation waterproofing in Karachi.

Crawlspace waterproofing

Usually, the crawlspace is very few in numbers in a home located in Karachi, but that doesn’t mean there is none with crawl space. The crawl space is space, not part of your home, but attached with the ground, given a few feet of distance as a padding for various reasons, such as floodwater protection, and sub-terrain pest safeguard. Crawlspace waterproofing is also a service which refers to the chemical treatment being applied across the walls of the crawlspace that includes the ceiling of the crawlspace, and pillars on with the house depend on.

Concrete slab waterproofing

Being the most cost-effective solution, a concrete slab is just a slab, being elevated from the ground just a few meters to make it stronger, more secure from any harmful insects and leakage below. But as insurance for further security for all the water-based damages that might come into your way, application of waterproofing chemicals will help to further strengthen the concrete slab and ensure that the water leakage and seepage will never occur. One thing about concrete slab is it can only be applied during the construction of the facility, cause the slab gets concealed once the construction is finalized.

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Beam foundation waterproofing

Beam foundation is most used for large buildings and apartments. This is due to the fact, that beams can be extended from the very end of the construction, which starts from the base up. Having said that, those buildings which are heavy made and composed of quite many floors is a good example of beam foundation. The waterproofing service for beam foundation is quite necessary since the foundation helps the building to its entire core. If somehow, the water-based damages come on its way and start to harm others beam, the entire building will be affected. The Beam foundation waterproofing is also applied during the construction of the building.


Learning about various types of basement waterproofing in Karachi would assist people to understand about the level of work which is involved in ensuring that the water-based damages set a bay from your home, plus this article also aims to provide the importance of experience during the application of waterproofing products in the first place. As, product alone is surely not enough for ensuring that leakage and seepage are properly being rid of through using the modern based solution in Karachi, which is the core principle of Lakhwa Chemical Services towards our customers.

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