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The benefit of using liquid waterproofing over the corrugated sheet

Raining and other leakages make corrugated sheet weaken to the core, and with enough years passes, its structural integrity becomes history. This condition will surely take a lot of repair works or at worst case require a completely new corrugated sheet from the market to be replaced on a need basis. The good thing about water based damages that it can be prevented through the use of waterproofing chemicals. Waterproofing is the process which means being protected by water. Numerous types of chemicals play its part in achieving the top-notch process of waterproofing for their users. Since we are referring to corrugated sheet waterproofing in Karachi, the best application one must choose for their waterproofing needs should be liquid waterproofing, and there is a reason for that. Let’s go through some of the various angles and see how liquid base waterproofing helps in protecting the corrugated sheet from all sort of water-based damages.

Liquid vs solid waterproofing chemicals

You must be wondering about other types of waterproofing that could come into play during application. We have quite a many, such as bitumen solid material (asphalt), bitumen membrane, acrylic-based chemical, and other types as well. Out of all these chemicals and materials, there is also a separate penetration ratio of which we evaluate how compact is the waterproofing chemical is. The liquid is indeed a product of high quality, as well as the membrane sheets with amazing practical application. So, it’s fair to say we have quite many options at our disposal when it comes to selecting waterproofing based chemicals. Let’s learn some of the benefits of having a liquid-based waterproofing chemical for corrugated sheet application.

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Faster to apply

Going with the first benefits which are also considered to be the best reason for most of the people to opt for a liquid-based waterproofing chemical for corrugated sheet or any other surface is because it can apply fast. Only we need to pour down the chemicals into the base of the floor, and structure and go through like painting it with the chemical, literally. The application, no matter how big the area is can be done in a few hours, or at most a day. Not only that, but the amount of materials used for its application is minimum and there is no such requirement for bringing down things that could be used as heavy machinery such as a blow torch, which is used to apply over bitumen membrane.

Best for uneven surface

When we talk about corrugated sheet in general, the base is not a flat surface at all. We will see an uneven base throughout the surface. Choosing a liquid based waterproofing chemical also comes in great assistance when the surface over which application needs to be applied is uneven. The liquid can easily pour down without any stress on the applicator or the surface. No only that, but its also beneficial for the surface itself. The benefits are endless if we take the advantages of liquid waterproofing chemical into consideration of anything not flat.

Adapt to any conditions

Unlike a solid material, liquid comes in the 2nd state of an element, which has already gone with enough heating that it turns into liquid. The major use for waterproofing chemical, in reality, is to subdue water being cross towards the surface. The climate can come into play and disrupt the structural integrity of the liquid-based waterproofing chemical to such an extent that liquid becomes more liquid, well this is what will happen to a solid, that extra heat quite leads to sate change, its indeed a possibility. This means liquid waterproofing wins again when it’s about to apply over the corrugated sheet, more specifically since the material is made from metal, the total temperature could rose up and we need a material with good property of melting point threshold.

Supports endless Creativity

The liquid can take any form, just pour down and it will retake the shape of its container, but for waterproofing chemicals, we are only interested in application in a flat line, or a surface for that matter. What we mean when we say that liquid waterproofing can support endless creativity, we mean that it’s up to the applicator to have a sense of good workmanship and to apply the chemical either using the most effective manner, through various technologies including various equipment or simply go for uniqueness to his approach. In truth the combinations are endless.

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High performance

The waterproofing chemicals whether it’s solid or liquid contains the same chemical formula, so there is no reservation whether the liquid form will be less potent than a solid one. Not only that, but a liquid can be used as a solvent with more robust chemical combination sharing the benefits of various chemicals and resultant for it will provide an even higher degree of benefits in the domain of waterproofing the corrugated sheet in Karachi.


After understanding just the external view without going into the scientific understanding, we can easily label liquid waterproofing the best choice for corrugated sheet waterproofing in Karachi. So you might consider this form of waterproofing anytime, whether you are looking at its application in different sectors that includes residential, commercial or industrial.


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