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Tops ways to fix bathroom leakage and seepage treatment

Bathroom leakage is considered to be major trouble which increases as time goes by. The complexity rises since there are more than one sources of water leakage which adds up the effect cohesively. The only viable solution as a homeowner is to ensure that leakage is controlled before any major damage came into being. We are going to explore some of the top ways to fix bathroom leakage and seepage treatment. Indeed all of them are being used in practice, but based on the individual requirement, one solution gets more popular than the other. Still understanding all of them is a part of learning ways in order to fix the leakages of bathroom with excellent results.

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Types of leakages in the bathroom

Whenever a bathroom leakage and seepage treatment is identified, the first thing which comes in our mind is to locate the source of the leakage. But to our surprise, the leakage of the bathroom, excluding any visible plumber fault is gradual. And finding the source is usually kept secondary, and is preferred to invest all your energy on its solution. There are areas which get the most water-based damages such as shower area, drainage area, near the toilet, tiles joints and sink drainage. All of these areas have nothing in common, except that they show the same issues when compared with other water-based damages. To cut our search short, the main culprit for water leakage in the bathroom is usually moisture.

Choosing the solution which works

Once we have acknowledged that it’s a high time to go ahead with a solution to fix bathroom leakage and seepage treatment, many doors will open in front of us, including chemicals, and construction materials. With these solutions, availing one by one and find out which ones are better, is not practical at all. The main reason for this article is to assist our readers to find which solution suits our need and are based on the concern of water leakages. Before actually going ahead with the next-generation solution, its better to call up your local plumber just in case for a complete evaluation for any major leakage around the bathroom, that includes concealing pipes as well.

Break Bathroom and reconstruct

When you have enough time and money, this solution is considered a double permanent solution to fix either major or minor leakage. To understand why your bathroom is showing signs of leakage is the very reason that during the construction of your bathroom, there were no countermeasures placed that could play an important part on resisting the water leakages in the bathroom. Reconstructing the bathroom after breaking it completely and start from scratch will help the owner to not only redesign bathroom with more personal liking, but also apply water-resistant materials inside the floor and walls which not only saves them from leakage and seepage but also keep the bathroom cooler if we happen to apply heat proofing materials inside as well.

Polyurethane grout injection

First chemical treatment to reduce the water leakage in the bathroom is through the use of a complex sealant that comes in the form of injection, known as Polyurethane grout injection. The main reason for this chemical is to ensure that water does stay between the empty joints around the affected areas, that includes padding near shower drainage, sink drainage and titles grouts. We can also apply this product as a filling material if there are any voids located inside a bathroom.

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Polymer modified mortar

Also known as bitumen waterproofing, which comes in dark color, corresponding to mortar which I used as carpeting roads and pavements. The use of polymer modified mortar or bitumen waterproofing is the best material if we need to make the bathroom surface, usually floor, airtight. Through this product, the joint between your tiles will surely be protected all the way, and there would be no trouble of any major leakage or complain of seepage around your bathroom for years to come.

Acrylic cementitious grout

When you have cement and want to use around the bathroom for various purposes that might include filling out any hole or joints between tiles, or simply need to create a protected laying all around the bathroom, simply adding an acrylic-based chemical to your cement, it will work as a waterproofing agent. This material will restrict the water from entering or leaving your bathroom from any other place except the drainage. Since the main issue is the leakage, cementitious would also make the base airtight, and ensure that no moisture adds up over its structure.

Layering with waterproofing

Waterproofing solution is referred to as the only treatment which does two things, repair and improves water resistivity. These both properties hold great value for any bathroom, most especially to that bathroom whose walls and floors are made up of tiles since titles grout creates seepage and eventually pests comes out from the affected areas.

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