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Leakage Solution for expansion joint treatment in Karachi

Expansion joint treatment is seen as an optional area usually because it doesn’t affect us directly but your structure gradually as time goes by. The leakage which is subjected to the opening end of expansion joint is usually the source of awful repercussion caused by water that turns into a gutter like a mold, source of numerous insects emerging all the way and adding further problems. Fixing the expansion joint treatment in Karachi is the only solution which requires our attention but before anything else, it’s always better to understand various types of solution available for expansion joint treatment in Pakistan. Here we will try to explain the most simple one which will surely keep the leakage under control and make sure that your structure stays in positive condition for years to come.

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Go with Simple solution

There are various shapes and sizes for expansion joint around Pakistan, either small or large, vertical or horizontal and there are different methods for all of them. But the objective is always the same, which is to stop the issue of leakage that causes nuisance and trouble. The real fixing starts with understanding the nature of your expansion joint  treatment in Karachi, and the very first step is to measure the width of your expansion joint using a scale. The importance of this is to understand how much material is required to fix the expansion joint treatment and there proper measures are taken into consideration without any wastage as possible. Also, if you happen to know so civil engineering, during construction of your facility, there is a cross-section diagram which will help us to understand the depth and internal structure of the expansion joint treatment in Karachi in the same time, but we assume that there is no diagram within our reach and its better to apply for the simplest solution from the book.

Repair material used

After understanding our moves towards fixing it, it’s indeed tome to evaluate the next step, which is to choose material for repairing leakage for expansion joint in Karachi. The material is purely waterproof since this solution comes in the jurisdiction of waterproofing solution, the material is also under the same umbrella. Indeed we can fill with some sort of waterproofing chemical to close the gap, but in reality, it will be a counter product and negates the true importance of expansion joint. The only way we can go ahead in fixing the leakage for expansion joint treatment in Karachi is to seal it closed shut from the opening end of the expansion joint. That sealant can be done through a sealant solution if the width is small enough, but for larger expansion joint, we use bitumen membrane to completely cover the surface thoroughly and ensure that no water is being poured down at all.

Industry applied repair Methods

The above solution works and it works perfectly, but for most of the customer, there is what known as industry applied repair method for expansion joint that involves more technical features, to say the least. These effective industrial measures include materials, usually similar waterproofing based materials used for simple repairs, but the difference starts from the application of these materials. Industries are known to create standards and ensure that there is no room for errors during the entire process, hence industry goes with comparatively expansive material since it ensures that there is no setback in terms of waterproofing materials is considered. Other part is somewhat similar but more robust and uses the concept of doubling down to enhance the airtightness and fix the leakage trouble from years to come.

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Something for future recommendation

Once the expansion joint treatment in Karachi is completed, there are still come consideration we need to understand cause no one is completely out of the woods. The water always finds its way downward, that the rule of thumb and naturally the expansion joint treatment in Karachi which is located at the bottom would continuously fight its way to protect not just itself but the total facility to the effect of the total, irreversible damage. There is a special area for expansion joint besides other areas cause space left intentionally does leave there for a reason, and that same reason usually creates more expansion and opens up the way for water to go down the drain. So for a solution, its always better to create a breathing space when applying with waterproofing chemicals and ensure that if the expansion takes place, it won’t open up anyway.


Expansion joint treatment is important in many aspects and out of which, its almost necessary to understand we cannot leave it in the mercy of water leakage which only creates more trouble for the long run and gradually increases over time.

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