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Is expansion joint treatment in Karachi risky?

Modern construction has increased the complexities as well as the structural integrity can be catered. With all of these advantages, in the science of construction works, certain precautionary measures must be taken to protect this gigantic construction for years. One of these advanced construction elements, the use of expansion joints treatment in Karachi are used commonly on large buildings and where summer seasons are leading to extremities. Keeping this scenario in mind, there is a realization of waterproofing service for expansion joint treatment revolving into the market along with an unprecedented concept that its risky to apply this method into practice. It’s better to get some insight into how expansion joint treatment in Karachi is achieved.

Expansion joint basic function

Before going into the waterproofing part of our article, going into the basics of how expansion joint works leads us to a simple definition, that its a security measure used to counter the thermal expansion that occurs inside a concrete. This expansion closes down the gap without producing giant cracks in the process. While the thermal part is covered, expansion joint in Treatment also works for high wind vibrations for large buildings and counter earthquakes jolts of a smaller scale. With so much to offer just by creating a small gap between two sections of concrete joints, this emptiness is intentional, so should always be empty to properly function as intended. This is where the application of waterproofing becomes tricky than other waterproofing services in general.

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High rise buildings

Nearly all high rise Building needs expansion joints, and high rise can be of various floors, maybe up to 50 floors in Pakistan. With such a height, the waterproofing and chemical application could be extremely scary. The application specialist mustn’t get height phobias and have proper safety equipment that follows regulations provided by the safety board. This risky element always pertains in the construction but when we talk about that expansion joint treatment in Karachi is risky, meaning the actual application of waterproofing chemicals or elements that provide sealant to the intentional gap in buildings wouldn’t stagger the actual function of the joint expansion. This is where the experts come into play and their experience is valued highly.

Importance of waterproofing as a whole

The importance of waterproofing cannot be neglected and overshadowed to something difficult to perform. The consequence of leakage production inside expansion joints is far more severe than calculating risk factor during your decision-making time. Waterproofing and its application ensure that leakage and seepage troubles are histories, along with protection from pest, saving you a bundle in repair costs and most importantly the aesthetics of the home is valued. The paint job and another element might go down the drain during the recent spell of raining if waterproofing chemicals are not inline with your roofs, concrete or for that matter, expansion joints.

Waterproofing process 

To counter the risky, its all up to the waterproofing process that must be properly compiled on from start to finish. Its always better to come to prepare beforehand, so a comprehensive inspection is the part of our waterproofing process, which is of great importance. This is achieved with a surveyor from a waterproofing company, visits to the place where expansion joint needs waterproofing. Once the expansion is completed, the next part in waterproofing is to bring team and products in, preparing it on-site or off-site, depending on the preference. When we talk about expansion joint, application of chemical pouring down is out of the question. The only option is just two, either use a sealant compound, or membrane to cover from the surface. The application is done double-checking all the openings and closing down the compound for good.

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Security from pest and leakage

Expansion joint treatment is vital for security from leakage and most importantly from the pest infestation. Due to water moisture being laying down under the expansion joint section, the pest will emerge and cause havoc into the affected facilities. Leakage and also get uncontrollable cause any form of leakage that is present near expansion joint might be controlled, but raining water is your biggest concern because the amount of water that could leak inside the expansion joint might bring drastic implications which can only be resolved by availing waterproofing services.


An expansion joint is indeed a risky job, but what about the rest jobs in the domain of construction? Risky work doesn’t mean it’s not important. Besides there are experts in the market who understand all of these risks completely and follow the safety procedure to ensure that waterproofing service is covered with best results.


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