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How serious are bathroom leakage and seepage if left untreated

A bathroom is a place where people go about their business as usual without any hiatus. There is absolutely no second opinion about the importance of a bathroom and how its quite necessary to keep it in tip-top shape. Apart from all of the plumbing job, such as active tabs, seamless flow of sewage and such, there is also another dimension of bathroom in term so leakage and seepage trouble which often arises initially as minor level, but if we left untreated for a time being, the damage becomes unprecedented out of spiral control. That’s being said, there is a need for urgency whenever we encounter a leaky bathroom at or home. This article is aimed to provide some insight on how to protect your bathroom from leakage and seepage, and how important its repair it as soon as possible.

Bathroom: a place of tranquility and serenity

Like we all know, the bathroom is necessary for our lives. There are indeed places to do about our business, but a clean bathroom and presentable atmosphere even amplify the relaxation and time spend that we perform in the bathroom. There is also another element of the cost-related if a bathroom is experiencing leakage and seepage of some sort. Since our homes are made up of concrete, the concrete will show drastic reaction if the leakage and seepage are not fixed, makes a devastating effect for our bathroom and our sense of serenity and tranquility will be ruined.

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Leakage and seepage: bigger danger is lurking

Leakage and seepage might come even with everything are fixed. This could happen for multiple reasons, such as bathroom moisture, rainy season and leakage from rooftops, leakage from the bathroom ceiling, most usually if the home is located inside a residential apartment. There may be many more causes of leakage and seepage, but no matter of the source, it is important to consider this issue a big one cause of leakage and seepage is just the initial step of an even bigger issue, which might come in the form of concrete damage, tiles damages, and cracks. Also, your paint job in the bathroom will be ruined, all add up to the cost for home renovation when you will be about to avail it.

Time is of the essence

Leakage and seepage can be of different intensity, but no matter how small or large the water-based damage is, if we left it untreated for some time, not much we might add, the damages will be accelerated to the unprecedented manner. The only viable solution there is to fix the leakage and seepage should be timely. For that matter, we have few options within our reach that are not just quicker but also does the job well in the fixation of bathroom leakage and seepage in Karachi. Out of which bathroom waterproofing leads the way.

Benefits to avail having bathroom leakage and seepage solution provider

Since we have pointed out the benefits of waterproofing solution to get the job done and fix the bathroom leakage and seepage for years to come, there are waterproofing companies and experts that are located almost all of the large metropolis in Karachi. Being said that, it’s vital for a homeowner, or affectee from a damaged bathroom, that they must ask the assistance from a professional waterproofing company that has some experience fixing the leakage and seepage and handling of the chemical treatment properly. Not just that hiring their assistance, you will be relaxed that the leakage and seepage trouble is properly repaired, but the company can also provide more consultation regarding future encounters of bathroom leakage and seepage if it might come into play.

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Look out for leakage sources

Finding out the leakage sources should be the job of waterproofing experts and if not, even the homeowner can identify the areas where the leakage is come from. Some of the sources that are widely responsible to affect bathroom are leakage from bathroom ceiling, for residential apartments, leakage from a broken pipe, improper drainage, leaky tap or shower, tiles damage, bathroom moisture and rainy seasons. Some of these are event-based such as rain, and moisture, which can’t be treated as a source, but an event. The continuous leakage could bring devastating effects and must be fixed promptly.


A bathroom leakage and seepage can be handled most probably by a plumber, masonry or waterproofing experts like LCS waterproofing solutions. It is the job of a homeowner to find what is making the bathroom leak in the first place and how they want to handle this issue. Here, waterproofing experts could be your first bet, since they carry with them the experience of all three.

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