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Challenges of a successful expansion joint treatment

Talking about construction of large buildings and other structure, it’s important to place various elements known as precautionary measures that counter effects from the environment or other dangers, such as earthquake-proof materials, gutter drains for creating a passage for rainwater, and expansion joints to secure from expansions caused by a rising in temperature. These expansions joints are intentional spaces left in a building so that if expansion takes places, no matter if, in millimeters, it doesn’t crack the concrete and affect the buildings. But with this measure in place, the space that is left by expansion joint treatment, the troubles of water leakage will rise exponentially if no counter measurement is in order. Here we use expansion joint treatment using specially designed waterproofing chemicals and materials that assist in fixing the leakage and seepage trouble for the better.

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How expansion joint treatment is different?

When we deal with waterproofing services, we mostly provide water-resistant chemicals over a surface, whether its roof, walls, water tank, or even swimming pools. With all of this application, the product is applied as a coating over the surface, which helps resist water to keep its hold over the walls and roofs for longer periods. When we referred to expansion joint treatment, its different in the sense that chemical application is not viable. Since there is an empty area left which must be there to protect a facility from the effect of expansion caused by thermal energizing of molecules, if it is covered entirely with the material, the purpose of expansion joint will be nullified. Hence we have the only option left, which is through sealant compound or membrane-based sealant.

Expert assistance is required

Closing down the expansion joint requires experts help, but if we want to waterproof for other areas, there is always room for DIY techniques. Hiring a waterproofing company to do the job for expansion joint treatment holds many benefits, one of which is certain that the expansion joint will be handled with the most professional manner. Along with the effective and most conventional product to be selected for the job. The choice of sealant or membrane selection is also performed by the waterproofing company, which is alone an important decision. The good thing about a professional waterproofing company is that they provide years of warranty for their application and products as well, so that customer can rest assured to have a steady and enabled expansion joint treatment for years.

Choosing Chemical or panel

We in this article want to assist to some extent to our readers that what are the element which helps us decide which product to go with for our expansion joint treatment and ensure that no leakage and seepage would ever come for years. As a basic rule, we can apply a panel on every expansion joint, but no a sealant. So keeping this concept in mind, it’s better to learn where do sealant waterproofing products used. The expansion joints come in various shapes and sizes, but most importantly, it comes in a fixed width. That width can be small or large. If the expansion joint width is large, the sealant is not used, and if the width is small, we can use a sealant to close down the opening of expansion joint without disrupting its intended job.

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Considering future effects

It’s preferred to use some sort of sheet, usually waterproofing membrane to apply over the expansion joints many before of primary reason, which is to ensure that the intended purpose of an expansion joint is not violated. A membrane can seal out the opening, while the empty padding plays its roles for any expansion if it occurs. But with expansion, if happens to exceeds a certain threshold, the sealant or membrane could open up and water leakage might happen due to it. Its always important to leave a breathing space during the application of membrane, to ensure that waterproofing is handled and performance without any hurdle.


Expansion joint treatment is important but often lesser needed since most houses don’t have an expansion joint in its construction. This element is usually seen in a large building, for both commercial or residential, bridges, pavements, and train rails. For homes and office, and where leakage might become a nuisance, waterproofing could come to your rescue.


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