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How to repair an underground water tank using waterproofing

Water tanks usually come in various shapes and sizes, but for this article, we are only looking at the underground water tank made purely from concrete. The reason for our selection is mainly cause of almost all of the underground water tank are made from concrete since it stores water in greater quantity and usually built to work in a 2-teir system used as a staging area which later pumped back to the final stage usually overhead water tank. The underground water tank is of great importance, cause if it gets damages, not just the water get distorted with underground soil mixture and such, but it gradually degraded the underground system that leads to devastating consequences. It’s necessary to understand the importance and learn some of the basic features for the repairing of an underground water tank through the use of waterproofing chemical treatment.

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Common issues for underground water tank

For anything which is made from concrete, water applies a greater amount of damage and from the result of it, the concrete starts to show a various form of signs. If its anywhere that can be seen easily such as roof, or walls, there won’t be any problem to identify the issue, but for water tank, and underground for that matter, we have no way to actually see the cracks since they are concealed and top of it, a water tank is always filled with water since any disturbance could lead to negative repercussion for anybody using the water on daily basis. It is thus important to understand some of the pretty common occurrences that usually appears for an underground water tank. In reality, there are two of the damages that come in greater number, one is damages in the form of cracks and another is voided, which are fallen out concrete pieces, when supersedes the cracking. Both of these issues can get fixed through the use of waterproofing chemicals.

Time is of the essence

Once we have evaluated the damages and made up our mind for repairing of underground water tank, we can’t emphasis enough of how the time is our biggest challenge when dealing with water tanks, we are talking about hours, rather than days due to the fact that the repairing tasks will surely hold the water flow to where the water tank is situated, whether its commercial, industrial or residential. If we happen to go with anything else rather than waterproofing solution for fixing the underground water tank, it will surely take more time for its repairing. So we spend more time in not an option, make sure to opt for waterproofing chemical treatment for your work.

Bitumen waterproofing is necessary

Talking about waterproofing based repairs, the next thing comes into our minds is the type of product which we will going to use. There are in short several types of products at our disposal, but there is one product which is considered as a universal waterproofing product that ensures one thing, an airtight of surface and structure which helps the base and water to separate between a binding solution. We are referring to bitumen waterproofing chemical since the high profile asphalt compound is considered one of the best product as structure repairs are intended. Another important aspect of using bitumen based product is to help with any small or medium-size cracks at the same time. The application of bitumen waterproofing is also quite fast, so there is no replacement for bitumen when dealing with underground water tank waterproofing.

Understanding honeycombing in the underground water tank

In construction and repair works, we often come into contact with concrete that is soft and uneven. This formation is usually the result of improper application of concrete during its construction. We can’t ignore these issues since the unleveled surface will surely cause us greater problems since product application require proper integrity and uninterrupted formation of waterproofing agent to ensure a complete and comprehensive waterproofing development. To fix this issue of honeycombing in the underground water tank, an additional application is applied to level out the surface, usually acrylic or cementitious waterproofing, which works as a substitute of concrete walls plus it works as waterproofing based agent as well.

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Importance of laying with chemical treatment

Since we have explained above few of the benefits of applying waterproofing chemical treatment for underground water tank, one of the biggest importance of this form of repairing technique involves around a environmental secure method which cost reasonable, adds several years more to the repaired area and takes a lot less amount of time to ensure that proper underground water tank waterproofing solution has been carried out.


Much has been attained from waterproofing solution, and the underground water tank is no exception. Availing such solution through a comprehensive and experienced waterproofing company will ensure that your underground water tank is properly secured for years to come.


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