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Major causes of leakage within the basement in Karachi

Your basement is of great importance which keeps checking on everything water-related, but also maintains a padding structure to secure another part of your home. Because if there is no basement, it means all the water which travels from the top would eventually reach to other areas and thus reeking your home to the worst possible outcome. There is a various method to make sure that the leakage is controlled, but when people witness their basement getting flooded, they tend to go freak out. The first step is to stay calm because basement leakage and flooding is normal because no matter how well build you home he, the water will flow downstream through various channels which will eventually come down at the basement, and it there is some problem or rate if water is added to the basement is far more than the water being drained away, the flooding will emerge.

Flooding in Basement: Search for clues

Notices the flooding in your basement in Karachi. The first step is don’t panic, remain calm and start your search for the possible clues. This is a hefty process so don’t rush yourself. This article is aimed to assist our readers about finding their way for various methods which will help them to stop the flooding in the first place. Of course, all the flooded water must be extracted out using a motor pump or buckets will also work at the expense of immense hard work. Anyway, once the water is extracted out, the next step to look out for various clues around your basement which we are going to explain below

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Majors causes for leaking within the basement

Nothing happens without a reason, and the same can be said for the leaky basement in Karachi. Of course, once the flooding begins, the finding process will not bring much fruit/ The best manner to find the causes for leaking within your basement is through a clean, proper lighten basement and possibility with the help of an expert along the way. Let’s understand few of the reason and causes which usually come into play in making the basement not only flooded by also makes the walls, and floor damaged in the process, which is far more dangerous if ask any waterproofing company in Karachi.

Below par plumbing works

You might notice a broken pipe a few days back and hire a plumber to fix this problem for you, which he did, or you think he did. Any cases, let’s get with our first cause among several causes which plays an important role in making your basement all flooded, leakage and who knows what else. Pipe contains most water and flows continuously. It can be concealed or open, in both cases, its a job of a plumber to ensure that all the leaky pipes are fixed. But in this world, there are no shortage of people with below par skills and roam around for services like nothings wrong. So its always better to recheck the work that the plumber has done and if the leakage still exists, hire a more experienced one for a change.

Missing Waterproofing service

Floor, walls, ceiling, pipes and sometimes rainwater plays a part for filling up the basement with unprecedented force or concerning time. In both the cases, if you think simply air can dry out these water for good, well, practically your basement has quite a low amount of room temperature and high content of moisture. Not having a basement waterproofing service in Karachi could play a role in adding trouble of floodwater making things worse for you. A chemical treatment around your basement fix things rather than break things. There might be small openings, cracks, holes present all around the construction, everywhere if we say at least. Waterproofing chemical airtight the surface using the binding substance, which keeps these water from entering into the basement with good result.

No Sump pump in use

Most basement has special equipment specially designed to cater to events such as basement flooding. Cause even in advanced countries, the basement flooding might occur due to various reasons, so many contractors advise their costumers with an additional set of equipment as insurance from these troubling events. It is known as a sump pump, which is connected from the basement level, throws the water back into the drainage system. If you face an unprecedented condition such as intense rain, or flash floods, which eventually floods up to your basement, this sump pump will come to your rescue cause frankly, using buckets is not advised.

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Might be just cracks

When everything else failed, you might just have these things called cracks. They can happen without any effort, cause cracks mean water leakage from anywhere around your home. Cracks tend to create a must easier way for water to travel. Concrete material is notorious for having way more cracks than usual. Through the use of basement waterproofing in Karachi, these cracks can be covered quite easily. All we need to do is count these cracks, or if not, apply the chemical treatment all over the basement for a comprehensive solution and ensuring that cracks are out of the list of good.

Final thoughts

Basement located at the most bottom part of your home has no drainage beside the main drainage, but in most cases, even the basement is not connected with the main drainage cause of height issue or other development constraints. Anyway, a pump motor, waterproofing solution, and good plumber job sums up the solution for not only basement flooding but ensuring that it doesn’t happen again or at least not as frequent as it was.

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