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How to fix leaking water tank

The water tank is considered the most important element of our homes since all of them being used is stored inside it. It up to the construction of the water tank and proper management of water flow that decides the fate of our water tank cause once we have set the tank in the first place, our power becomes nullified cause its something where water keeps on getting stored in a concealed manner. The only signs that help us to understand that its time that the water tank needs an extra round of repair it when water tank starts to leak. The leaking might be negligible or it could be abrupt, for both cases, the water tank keeps on leak until we do something about it. For most of our readers, we have gathered a few of the highly popular ways that assist in fixing the water tank with the best results.

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Plastic water tank vs concrete water tank

Two types of the widely used water tank keep all the water at bay with great success, but unlike anything else in the world, it starts to decay to a certain extent that leakage appears over its borders. When we look closed over both sides of the water tank, a plastic-based water tank is replaceable, while concrete water tanks are usually large in the size and are only repairable. The good thing about technology and continuous improvement in various product development, even plastic water tank can get repaired as well through various solutions. Since repairing is what our topic of today’s discussion is going to be, so it’s better to leave this notion of replacement for now.

Sealants and water-resistant tapes

Cracks lead to leakage which can only be controlled by sealing off the cracks and damaged areas in the first place. We need some additional material for the sealing part. Depending on the material under which the water tank is constructed, there are various types of products available, but it’s important to understand the nature of damage first. Let say if we have small scale damage, minor cracks out of which water leaks released, simply through using sealants solution would prevent the water from leakage all around. There is also what we called water-resistant tapes, mostly used for repairing plastic-based water tanks to help fix small effect cracks. But when we talk about concrete-based water tanks, sealants might come into play along with other more heavily invested product that corresponds to quantity over quality.

The bottom area takes the most damage

Considering a rule of thumb, most damage comes at the bottom of the water tank, simply straightforward since water exerts pressure at the bottom area and once a certain amount of years passes so does the effects of weakening base emerges and signs of cracks get into our notice. Whenever you are unsure about from where the cracks might occur, we urge to fully apply a chemical to realize the term of better safe than sorry or at least the bottom part since most cracks happen to be located at the bottom area without a shredder of doubt. We can also suggest see closely at the walls as well, or at least from the lower end walls situated next to the bottom since cracks could be small and hard to notice, but the concrete color helps us further identify the nature of damage caused by water.

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When Replacement is not an option

Like we mentioned above that there are times when replacement is not an option, most probably when we are dealing with concrete-based water tank. Also, when the water tank is located in difficult areas when replace would happen to take more time and cost. Anyway, since we already approve on filling out all the solutions which are repair based, we want to use this opportunity to explain some of the benefits of water tank waterproofing and chemical-based treatment that simply considered a complete repair solution for cracks and anything related to cracks.

Comprehensive solution through waterproofing

Waterproofing which is entirely chemically-based is simple to apply, require less time and low cost continuously helping people for various walks of life to fix their water tanks and adding additional lifespan into its existing. Products such as bitumen waterproofing, bitumen membrane, cementitious waterproofing chemical and acrylic chemical are few of the chemicals that help people in repairing the water tank simply by using chemically based solutions with promising results.


As of today’s product technology, we have nothing better discovery than waterproofing chemical for a concrete based water-resistant solution. As a waterproofing company, we can never put enough emphasis that this solution is what everyone should avail, even before there is any leakage over their water tanks cause prevention is better than cure.


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