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Which is better: waterproof chemical or water-shedding metal roof

When we talk about the importance of steel sheet for roofing over our heads, we are going for a solution that is being widely used throughout Pakistan. During raining reason, steel sheet is widely used to counter water that comes directly from above, with a slated slow to pave a path for the water and ensure that direct leakage is counter at all cost. For those facilities, where the roof is the metal sheet than the best course of action is to use a third-party solution, which can be covered by steel sheet waterproofing in Karachi. The above statement is good for a brief definition, but if we want to understand which is better, that it’s better to go through some of the detail version, which we are going to describe in our article.

Reality vs popularity

People use various solution to counter their problems, the same can be said for leakage and seepage treatment over the roof. When we talk about the popularity aspect of roofing solution being used in Pakistan, it verily changes based on the different areas and versions of the city, like in Karachi, the use of waterproofing is more popular than using a slated version of steel sheet, but for Northern areas, steel sheet is a way to go. So it’s understood that both of the solutions are vital and used among various people, but then comes the reality aspect of our solution. The rainwater in Pakistan is limited, more importantly on the South part where Karachi and other cities of Sindh come around. For all those areas, heat is a big problem and using the steel sheet as the roof will only increase the total heat due to the process of conduction. The plain concrete roof is more common in areas where raining is scarce.

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Steel sheet waterproofing benefits

There are two separate things we want to let our readers understand when we walk about steel sheet. Since steel sheet are movable part used as roof, which is much lighter, thinner and weaker than concrete roof, there is indeed various benefits that steel sheet out-weight its rival, the concrete roof such as heavy rain, where concrete prone to water being subjected to adds up and in return creates a new trouble in the form of leakage. A steel sheet, either use as support or substitute of a concrete roof, will be perfect to transfer rainwater away from direct impact to the roof. The best thing about a steel sheet is through its construction and profile alignment, which is slanted. The slope given to the sheet will enable to not only decrease the rainwater pressure on the roof but also direct water down the drain and not over the roof, helping things clean and clear. But then if we talk about moisture in the air, the use of waterproofing chemicals comes in mind, where the concrete roof does play a much better job cause moisture find more time to penetrate a concrete roof, then a metal roof.

Slope’s role in steel sheet

Since the metal roof is adjustable based on our needs, we usually provide a slope of at least 3:12 with somewhat higher high. The science forgiven a precious slope ensures that a balance is kept for water being dispersed, during the rain, as well as the sun rays which hit directly over the roof is also handled to the best of its ability. Usually, for conventional roofs, such as concrete roof, there also existed some slope to transfer water travel towards the drain areas, which is over 4:12. Hence the role of the slope is quite amazing in both material, but impeccable for steel sheet.

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It’s more than rainwater

When raining season comes, it usually comes for a month or two, but then again, the damage caused by rain is something unrepairable throughout the year. By simply situating a steel sheet, can help us a lot especially during raining. While there is another 10 months worth of period where we have another issue of heat, then moisture is also kept into consideration. Besides these natural causes, some repairing and plumber works lead to water tank leakage, a pipe burst and other conceal pipe leakage, which goes on throughout the year. For that purpose, if the metal sheet is expected to counter that as well, then it’s a fantasy, to say the least. Although, Steel sheet waterproofing could help out to face these hurdles with a more result-oriented approach.


We have given some detail answer to our readers that helps out to understand that how steel sheet waterproofing in Karachi plays an important role in devising need basis approach to handle troubles that comes through environmental, or through man-made troubles. In short, both waterproofing and shedding metal sheet plays an important role in helping people to get secure from water in the form of leakage and seepage.


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