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Major causes of foundation problems in your home

Displacement of water from one place to another is what the major culprit that causes various defects over your foundation. That’s the big summary of our today’s article, although, once the water reaches down to your basement, It’s not happened overnight that foundation, which is considered an integral part of your home, becomes disrupted all of a sudden. Its a matter of years and works slowly towards the devastating consequences that ultimate states the fate of your foundation. Enough with the hardline, tough talk, we are here to learn something, which would help us in the long run, and ensure that we don’t make the same mistake, if ever the signs are in front of us that is, foundation is by any means should be protected with a third eyes, as vigilant as ever.

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5 biggest signs for foundation problems

If we talk with an expert, his opinion about the major sign that helps us understand the current status of the foundation would be somewhat ambiguous. Expert will surely give us a more detail version as well, but for most of us, who only need to understand the important things, with as much brief as possible, we are laying down top 5 signs that help us understand the nature of our home foundation and who much destruction has water caused to disrupt our foundation into chaos. We are not by far a construction firm, which advises our readers to demolish once the signs are distinguished, but in fact, we are ones when things get into the worst, with respect to home-related damages, we handle repairs purely in the form of chemical application., cause at the end of the day, people need to go with easiest, safest, cheapest and above all reliable solution for anything. Without wasting any more time, let’s learn about some of the 5 signs that foundation faces as an identification that things are in warning color.

Moisture around openings

First and foremost, anything which is exposed out of the ordinary, whether its intentional spaces, such as a crawlspace or unintentional, in the form of cracks and holes, these are most vulnerable areas where water bring devastating effects. How you might think? At the most basic level, the moisture will gain access into these openings, which in return will nourish various types of foul elements, such as mold, mildew and even seepage. We can understand that moisture is usually around the air, so controlling that is absolutely out of question. We just need to secure the foundation walls, floor, and ceiling, so what is there that waterproofing chemical application when we talk about the solution.

Bugs everywhere

Above we mention something about foul elements being created through moisture being stored in various areas. Among such calamities, there is a living organism that brought around through water and fungus, called insects. If you mean ants type of pests, you are wrong. The foundation produces worse kind of bugs you can imagine, starting from termite. Which not only eats every wood it can find his hands-on, but the multiplication action, which comes in the play for every insect is out of control. Extermination with double the power is the only solution we advise.

Doors and windows crooked

The effects originated from the foundation will eventually transfer towards other areas of your home and this helps to further help us in our quest to understand that foundation need some work. Through some of the transferable signs, closing of doors and windows is the first of the action which gets into most people attention. We admire greatly that how various doors and windows are using old school construction since aluminum-based bracket for doors and windows has now become a low-grade pick. We mean that anything which is made from wood can show much more signs of the house being a house since wood is considered one of the oldest material for construction and there is a reason for that. The foundation on the other hand, when water gets inside the walls, the sogginess along with crack transfer, ensures that door and windows are hard to budge, and eventually closed down forever due to harmful effects.

Wetness around the floor

The floor being wet, nothing to worry about, but the wet floor for months or years is something to be of concern. Foundation is usually a deserted area of your home. So if someone happens to avoid visit foundation, his blind eye and ignorance can turn not bliss but a disaster. We implore are a reader to at least visit the foundation at least once a month for security and double-checking on things.

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Floors being dislocated from places

The floor and water don’t work for hand in hand, but in fact, their relationship is more like East and West. The floor gets disorientated if laying water becomes a common everyday practice for the basement. An uneven floor means all of your homes get to feel its effects and after a certain amount of time passes, we will understand more drastic changes across the home.


No matter where you live, the foundation is a key area during the construction of facilities, no matter how big or small they are. After the construction is completed, the only wise option is to ensure that the solution for foundation becomes avid consideration through the assistance of an experienced waterproofing company in Pakistan in the sector of foundation waterproofing.


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