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Best way to minimize roof damage through roof waterproofing in Pakistan

Leakage over the roof is considered the worst possible damage in your home, because all the water goes down and ruins not just your room, but can get a huge cost out from it. Although the damage from the roof comes gradually, so fixing it at hand is recommended all the time. Many homeowners wait for the very worst timing and the go-ahead to its fixing when the water leakage is going to heaps and bound. There is, of course, another way to get secured from the roof damage to your home, in the form of adopting certain precautionary measures before any worse could happen. We are going to let through methods in this article for our readers, which will assist them to understand and allow to fix the leakage and seepage sooner rather than later.

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Various methods to fix your leaky roof

When we talk about methods that are used to minimize roof damage in Pakistan, there are quite a lot. The solution also changes with the different types of roof construction as well, so learning few of the basic factors and how roof damage occurs in the first place is also important to realize the true sense of the damage in Pakistan. We as an emerging waterproofing solution in Karachi, understand it more than anyone else that the correct method to make sure that roof is properly protected from any such source and damages is the priority at any cost. But at the same it, don’t overwork yourself, cause find the leakage is one thing, there is also fixing the leakage and that cost money and effort. So that’s why we try to give some information about basic damages that lies over your roof in general and how to fix them to best of our abilities.

Find for any damage

The search for any leakage spot begins from the exterior end of your roof, meaning, you need to find any physically damaged area around your roof, which will help you understand the nature of work that must be done and understand the basic evaluation of your methods beforehand. When everything else is understood, this part is what we call inspecting your rooftops. This is not an easy job and requires some experience to complete it with a better result. You might find some of the external damages at first, but this doesn’t mean that those damages are only viable ones. There are also what we call hidden damages, and finding them is a little bit tricky, but experts can handle them in no time.

Extract stayed in water from the roof

Water is the singular most damaging compound which must be found at all cost. Look around you roof a little bit. Is there any stored water laying around somewhere around your roof? If yes, no need to dry that out, or extract it properly. This is important because if you even fix the root top completely, the water that comes in the form of rainfall or any other method if it stays in an area for more than few days, the leakage trouble will generate yet again. To properly fix the roof leakage problem, look out for any areas, where water might get stored unintentionally.

The weak part must be properly secured

The roof has some spots which are weaker than others, cleared those first. How to do that you might ask? First and foremost, you just need to clean the affected area properly so that there is no dirty part that could be left unattained. Once the cleaning is done, the next part is where the roof waterproofing chemicals come into play. Those weaker part should be given more priority, no matter if you haven’t start with the work of waterproofing, fixing it and ensuring that the affected area is properly fixed is what helps most of the people to say the least. When you have been waterproofing roof as a whole, that effected area will further get additional security through the double hand.

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Avoid applying tiles over your roof

This is important for those people who have some misunderstand about tiles being a good source of holding out water from entering internally. Well, in reality, the tiles are the worst material you can use for your waterproofing needs. Never use the tiles in the place of a covering agent around your roofs, cause it would solve the water leakage problem but in certain cases, it increases your trouble in the form of tile molds that generates at the opening area of tiles.

Metal roofs get rusted

There are indeed various types of roof around Pakistan, such as metal sheets, which composed of corrugated sheet and galvanized sheet. These type of sheets has various types of holes and opening into, so most of the time, we use double layers of method sheet to stop the leakage from these holes. But since they are method sheets, after few years and fix exposing to the open, the metal sheets will start to generate rust and further open the chances of more holes and cracks that will pour down water into the interior area to further extend. Applying roof waterproofing chemicals treatment in Pakistan is the best answer for this trouble.

Flat roofs need coating

For most of the homes, the flat roof is usually located since its stronger from other types of roofs, completely RCC made. The flat roof although is not good during the rainy season. Since we are discussing the leakage trouble for today, the flat roof will eventually show the signs of roof damages, mold, mildew and leakage due to water damage. Applying a full range of various waterproofing based solution such as bitumen solution, bitumen membrane or cementitious based chemicals to stop the leakage is the best solution there is.

Final thoughts

Helping out our readers to understand that various types of water-based damages might get into the way of our customers and makes them in a great fix. Availing the services of the waterproofing service provider in Pakistan is a good option since they understand the part where inspection is needed and also they understand which product is most suitable based on your roof structure and area of which your home is located in Pakistan.

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