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Signs to identify that your basement needs repairing

When we look at the big picture of your home, what we see is areas of importance, such as roof, living rooms, garage, kitchen, bathroom and so on. All of these areas play an important role for various reasons. But since we are a construction firm which provides repairing services using a next-gen solution such as chemical treatment, we are more interested in the structural importance of your home. So which part comes first when your home structure is discussed? Well, of course, the one on which your entire home depends on, basement. A basement is singularly the most important area of your home and its integrity should be thoroughly looked after. It is the job of the homeowner to always keep a close look at various signs that will help us to understand whether the basement needs repair work or not. Since we deal with the basement waterproofing in Karachi, we will get to it, but first, let’s learn what are some of the signs that help us to determine that basement waterproofing in Karachi has taken its toll over the years and now is in desperate need of some repair works.

Why basement damage in the first place?

The basement is made from materials which all have an expiry date or decay period. Once that period reaches, the damages intensify. Well, we can apply various solutions to increase that decay period but no solution in the world completely makes our basement waterproofing in Karachi invincible from any external conditions. Usually, we are looking at the concrete based basement which works on almost all of the homes, so looking into that design, the life of a basement at a minimum level is around 10 to 15  years. Once the period is reached, some signs will emerge that means it needs your attention and repair works. Of course, your basement won’t just go down all at once, but in fact, your basement might cover an additional 10 to 15 years without any major hurdle if you happen to get it to fix once the damaging signs emerge.

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Cracks everywhere

The first sign to see, cracks, or it might occur to you, so it’s not too hard to find it. The cracks will be your first unwanted sign that means your basement has passed the decay period or it might occur due to some extreme external damage. Anyway, a crack is not a good thing. Not only it means that the basement starts to decay, but crack itself in trouble which brings a lot of problems with it. For instance, a crack means water will leak from the opening, and once there is water lying around, insects will emerge, then seepage over the walls and lastly, concrete part starts to get damages and comes out from the damaged area. So the list of troubles goes on. The sign is there, the solution is another part, which is simply basement waterproofing in Karachi solution, best, cheap and does the job well.

Doors and windows don’t close properly

Your doors located not just at basement but all around your home is not closing properly, same can be said for windows, that means something is wrong. So the place you can start your investigation should be from the bottom, the basement. If basement walls and ceiling gets damages, all of the homes get effects, pure and simple. The solution for it is to make sure that water doesn’t bundle up inside the walls, and for that, the solution through waterproofing based solution goes a long way.

Draining not like it used to

The basement is made from the wall, ceiling, foundation base and pillar or columns. All of these has importance at the same time signs could be found from these areas. Let’s talk about the drain from the basement area. If you are contentiously noticing the extreme level of flooding or rate of drain not like it used to be, the first thing you should consider is that basement as a whole needs some work. Plumber work could also come in hand, but don’t ignore the other solution just in case. Waterproofing solution over walls and floors can also ensure that the leakage is properly directed and that the basement makes more years over the belt.

Insects and pests appear

Water once get stored around the basement waterproofing in Karachi, and with additional trapped moisture found below the soil, the insect will naturally emerge. And we are not talking about ants. Image for the worst, and usually when there is a basement with a lot of structural work, it’s a high probability that harmful pest such as termite might emerges. They are usually hidden and keep on multiplying while staying inside the wood where they start developing their colonies. The best solution for this trouble is to hire an expert pest control company to do the dirty work for you. Pun intended.

Better start with basement waterproofing

Let’s face it, the basement needs repairs and after evaluating all the signs explained below, you might end up with at least one if not all. So what’s the road ahead if we are looking for repairing the basement? Simply, let’s start with the once solution that doesn’t require any demolishing work, cause the last thing you need is reconstruction and a lot of cost along the way. So what we are proposing is through the use of simple application of a chemical, which is nothing more than a binding solution made from bitumen/asphalt. It is applied all over the basement waterproofing in Karachi, starting from the basement floor, then walls and lastly roof. This will be enough to stop water from entering into sensitive parts of the basement, and ensuring that life of your basement and decay period increase exponentially.

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As a homeowner, no one wants to go ahead with additional repair work, but practically the renovation work is inevitable, so it’s only wise to get mentally ready if you are facing the damaging signs. Thankfully, due to the advancements of science, the renovation work can be handled within hours and with a result like none other.

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