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Waterproofing Basement in Pakistan

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Chemicals that help you protect your basement from water damage are of great importance for your home and office. The main reason is the locality of the basement which might be the main source of trouble during leakage and seepage in your home. It has been observed the number of times that the water leakage located in the basement is usually concealed pipes and find the real culprit where the water is leaking out is nothing less than a snipe hunt. The only feasible solution one might obtain to make oneself completely secure from basement water damage is through availing waterproofing basement in Pakistan and provider that is responsible to provide to the public.

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Process of waterproofing coating

Before we go ahead and mention some of the highly popular waterproofing chemicals in Pakistan, we as a waterproofing company wants to make sure that our readers understand some of the basic steps of the process of waterproofing coating in the basement. All of these steps are of great importance for readers and contractor alike as it will ensure that total leakage and seepage is being prevented in our customer’s basement and that no complains of leaking basement ever comes into consideration.

– Fill the cracks and holes

– Apply an additional layer to fill the cracks and holes

– Apply a membrane sheet as a third coating to make its strength higher

– Apply another layer for protection

– Final coating layer for environmental protection and further boosting its durability.

The main reason for basement leakages

Since we have observed numerous leakages around the basement section, Lakhwa Chemical Services has understood the most important reference for the main reason for basement leakages. The number one cause of leakage is underground tank overflow, which often gets to increase when we often leave the water tank running after it has been full. Another reason is the rain, which truly identifies that all the water pouring comes down sooner rather than later. Besides these few of the reason that we have explained, there are indeed many more reason for basement leakages in Pakistan that must be protected at all cost.

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Bitumen: the truly waterproofing protection

Talking about waterproofing basement in Pakistan, the most used products for both industrial, and residential has always been considered as bitumen coating. The best thing about bitumen waterproofing products is that it is available in several forms and is very cheap in cost. For most of the beginners who are looking to protect not only their basement but also there bathroom, kitchen, roof and foundation from unnecessary water leakages, it is advised to apply bitumen as the main coating agent in Pakistan.


Waterproofing basement in Pakistan is always a tough nut to crack, because of how our basement is usually being constructed, its very time consuming to fix the basement. But with the help of waterproofing chemicals, we can easily fix.

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