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Understanding wall dampness treatment in coastal areas

Dampness in the wall makes your entire house looks old. Although the damp and mold can come to the wall in months, the effects it has is devastating for any homeowner who loves his house. But for people living in coastal areas are in even bigger distress since the moisture and how moisture present our case to even more negative. There is a necessity to understand how coastal areas affects the dampness to a greater degree than other hours located further from the coastal areas. Indeed through the use of waterproofing based solution, the wall dampness treatment in Karachi won’t stand a chance, but it’s better to understand the big picture as of how the wall dampness treatment in Karachi gets created in the first place.

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Its all about moisture content

Like most of the water-based damage that happens into our home, wall dampness treatment in Karachi is the slowest among all of them, but the damage its showcase in front of us in the form of mold around the walls, they are quite unattractive to watch. Not to mention, they also pose a serious structure threat if we leave them unfixed. The moisture content present around the atmosphere although not a much greater quantity, but they are there 24/7. As for people living near coastal areas, the moisture content further intensifies. Although we can control other sources of moisture that might be present inside our homes in the form of bathroom moisture, kitchen moisture or simply moisture caused by another mean, there is a special place in coastal parts where salt component also propagates along with moisture, a troubling event for our walls.

Poor ventilation

Let’s say we have somehow managed to protect our walls using special care for intense moisture using complete lockdown, does it fixes the problem? Sadly the poor ventilation will only add up to your worries. The ventilation whats makes your wall cooler and evaporates any moisture content that is being added from any source. Indeed we cannot open the air-conditioning system all day long, so the only possibility is to open windows or better, create gaps around the concrete which helps a continuous and uninterrupted ventilation system for your home.

Role of Exterior walls

What if the internal wall is protected from water-based damage, there is always the external walls that are fully compromised with all the moisture in the world, free to come and take its negative effects over it. The external walls are as much as valuable that our internal walls, but the good thing about external walls that due to direct heat from the sun and other elements, moisture doesn’t stand a chance to stay over the wall to proceed the chemical reaction. But then it comes to the salt-induced moisture, courtesy from coastal areas is what makes the exterior walls in real trouble. Here, waterproofing products is the only solution to completely deny the effects of salt-based moisture for exterior walls. Simply through applying a moisture-resistant cementitious compound will surely do the trick.

The sea breeze and concrete structure

The sea breeze is cooler and has a lot of moisture content, unlike air that comes from the mountainous or land-based region. This type of air is not safe for wall and if we happen to let the air come and go as they please, we surely notice some of the mold marks around the walls for use. Another aspect of coastal based homes, it poses a great threat to structural integrity as well, most importantly all of the RCC based concrete and metal that has been used inside the concrete. When the dampness on the wall appears, it exposes the Concrete reinforced steel which in the result of the continuous moisture-based damages gets rusted. The rust on structural iron is troubling, to say the least.

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Fixing dampness using waterproofing

With everything and more that has been effective the house located near coastal areas, the use of waterproofing products is a good choice since the assurity we get from the product that its work as an anti-moisture binder over our structure. Another aspect of our waterproofing campaign is using acrylic-based compounds that are adjoined with concrete and can be applied all around with effecting the aesthetic properties of your home.


Just by taking a careful eye over your walls will lead a long way on home reinforcement and repair. No structure in the world doesn’t go through a thorough renovation service, but the only difference is the time or years of gaps after which new renovation is needed. Indeed by using the chemical-based products for wall dampness treatment in Karachi will surely increase the year gap for another comprehensive renovation.


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