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Cost saving through outer wall heat proofing

Outer wall heat proofing

There is no doubt that heat proofing and more specifically, heat insulating service is an investment. You pay to the heat proofing contractor in town to proceed with the work and perform necessary tasks in order to fully insulate your structure, whether its home, office or industry. Now, bear in mind, that its entirely up to the owner to decide how much insulation is required to cover up the structure, for example, whether the client is interested to cover up the roof, walls, doors, windows, pipes, and water tanks. It’s a no brainer, that as much insulation you would acquire, the more cost will add up. So why do people actually go for out wall heat proofing in the first place? There is two major reason for that. One is to get protected from intense heat during summer seasons, which should be the only reason for this service to avail, but there is another reason as well, which is to save cost.

We are going to understand how outer wall heat proofing will save you plenty of money and why is it important to safeguard your home from intense heat in Karachi. Similarly, heat proofing service which is carried out using an elastomeric chemical treatment, although the intensity for out wall heat proofing using heat insulator has another charm into it. The first and biggest difference it carries is the effective solar reflectivity, along with resistance from radiation. Let’s learn how does a home is capable to protect oneself through outer wall heat insulation services.

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How much is saved from insulation

It is proven that heat always transferred from hot area to cold area. If we talk about the homes in Pakistan, usually the temperature outdoors is hotter than indoors, so heat will try its best to travel inside the walls and roof to its level best. For the most house, the only solution people often go for is by turning on Air conditioning units to make the temperature cooler, and if we are talking about high rising temperature, the amount of air conditioning is further operated to level up the temperature, which only adds up the total energy cost. Through outer wall heat proofing service in Pakistan, your wall will prevent heat to travel inside your home with the greater result, meaning, almost 60% of heat is restricted from penetrating your homes. The amount of air conditioning run time will gradually be reduced as low amount heat is transferred inside the homes, making it quite possible to save a lot of energy in the process.

Solid walls vs Cavity Walls

In Pakistan, most of the house is made up of solid walls from either from using blocks or concrete. The disadvantages of using concrete solid wall are it absorbs more heat than a cavity wall. For insulating outer wall heat proofing, which is done in a cavity wall, so that the insulator sheets are placed inside the walls quite easily. Cavity wall also means less amount of concrete is used during construction, and in the result of it, more protection from heat. At the best scenario, the heat insulator service must opt if the client should go for a renovation spree or looking to develop a new home.

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Cost saving from insulating floor

Roof and walls are pretty much straight forward, using cavity section for walls, and apply thermopore sheets at the rooftops along with elastomeric white paint treatment for heat reflection to reduce total heat build up inside your home. Now to further enhance your insulator capability, through outer wall heat proofing, flooring can also be properly insulated through situation wood planks inside your home. The science behind it is simply to replace concrete or marble flooring with wooden flooring, which helps to increase the heat insulation, thus increases the average cost saving of your home.

Water tanks and Pipes

Water pipes are also subjected to get heated up during intense temperature. The make sure that it remains in a more nominal temperature, the best solution to mitigate this heat build up is through insulating so that the water remains cooler. Similarly, the water tank should also be properly insulated to have the same effects. If the water is quite heating up, its very difficult to use it at all at once, because of the heated water is stored inside the pipes. Properly insulating the water pipes and water tank will assist the water to get in normal temperature so that less motor running time is required for water to get lost due to reach up at nominal temperature.


The Outer wall heat proofing in Pakistan is quite an important option for many homes and offices due to the heating season in Pakistan that soars up to 40C. The energy bill that adds up during that time is quite a lot, as compared to other seasons. Through using optimal heat proofing contractors, you will definitely get more savings than losing your money, year per year basis.


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