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Benefits of noncombustible heat proofing chemicals

Our home is where our family is, so its important for us to protect our home from accidental events that might be devastating. One of which is breaking out of the fire in our home which can occur through a short circuit or unintended means. To answer some of the concerns, in this article, we are going to examine how heat proofing chemical can make our roof and walls secure from not just intense heat but through noncombustible material, it might come in handy for the protection of any chance of fire breaking out in the future as a precautionary measure. This is quite important for homes that are wind up with unchecked, high tension electric wires from our local electricity provider, that no external events might play a dangerous role in igniting a fire.

Significance of fireproofing chemicals

Every heat proofing chemical is completely noncombustible, unlike ordinary paint, which uses petrochemical as a solvent, could ignite fire as a possibility. The chemical cost over roof and walls will ensure complete protection from any possibility from a fire. There are indeed other precautionary measures to protect oneself from fire, such as sprinklers, smoke detector, etc, but they are more expansive and requires additional work for its successful workability. Heat proofing, on the other hand, plays two roles once it’s applied. First part is its primary use, which is to stop sunlight over the exterior surface, making your interior cooler. Secondly, with noncombustible material, it can play a fireproofing coat, which might come in handy. So it’s safe to say that we are targeting two birds with one stone using this method.

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Composite materials vs chemical treatment

There are more ways to make your home fireproof since no one whats to take any chance for any dangerous possibility of fire getting broke out. We have explained the use of chemical treatment, being a noncombustible paint, in reality, that works as an additional coating, works quite well for protecting fireproofing mechanism for your home. There is another practical use of making your home fireproof, though using composite material during the construction phase, meaning, special type of concrete, on the material level is used to construct the house, that is entirely fireproof. Now to answer the question, which one is better? Composite material, only possible during construction of the home, is an expensive option and does an only a single job, which is to protect from unprecedented fire, that might or might not create. On the other hand, heat proofing does the same job, which is to protect your home from fire, additionally secure your home from intense heat waves and make interior cooler. We let our readers be the judge to that.

Non-combustible Heat insulation materials

Talking about external service for fireproof and heat proofing combo, we have another option at our hands, which is through the heat insulation material. It does the same job, to protect from heat as well as fire. But there is only one difference, heat insulation uses a noncombustible coating over its surface, which makes is fireproof, otherwise, to its natural manner, heat insulation is not fireproof. But it’s a standard industry practice to apply a coating over the insulation to make it protected from fire-based damages.

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Understanding the benefits of thermal resistivity ratio

When we deal with heat proofing chemical, in reality, there are several available in the market. Keeping this in view, every chemical works to provide the same goal, but intensities are usually different. Various indicators help experts to understand which heat proofing chemical is adequate for our need. When considering two in one combo, getting a heat proofing chemical with higher thermal resistivity ratio is the best choice. The chemical manufacturer is responsible to provide the heat resistivity ratio figure that helps experts to understand the potency of the chemical and how strong is the chemical is. The higher the heat resistivity ratio, the better the chemical.


Heat proofing chemical is primarily used for protection of intense heat and not for fireproofing. But there is no object from industrial experts saying that it can’t be used for dual purposes at the same time. This is indeed an option, a cheap one for that matter.

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