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Roof heat proofing in Karachi: Protection from the heat wave

Advantages of Roof heat proofing in Karachi

Karachi is experienced an immense amount of heat wave in recent years due to the climate change which has been increasing on a rapid scale. The severity of these warm climates is not only making people uncomfortable outdoors but also indoors, in the homes. In order to protect oneself by keeping hydrated all the times, but for your homes to get cooled down, there is generally a better way than to turn on the air conditioner and doesn’t take a lot of investment as well, its called Roof heat proofing in Karachi. Hiring one of the heat proofing contractors in Karachi will make sure that your house is properly safeguarded from the unusual amount of solar radiation during hot seasons, which is Karachi is notoriously known.


protect your home from heat wave without air conditioning

Turning on the air conditioning remains the first thing for every household during hot climates, but that doesn’t look good on your electricity bill. We want to give various options to people which don’t require a told down on their electricity bill through opting for Roof heat proofing in Karachi, which helps to reduce down the temperature for about 10 C and gets your protected from heat radiation which usually gets absorbed into walls and roofs of your homes. For all the people living in Karachi, this is the most optimal solution to protect your homes from heat waves, which further down the electricity bill as less amount of air conditioning will be operated in a cooler interior. Below are some of the recommendation on keeping your home cooler in a heat wave without any air conditioning unit.

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Insulate your roof

The first place where the heat enters into your house would always be your rooftop. It is the duty of every person, to apply for maximum protection through roof heat proofing in Karachi as summer season will get you to bog down in no time. Before starting anything, it’s vital to place insulation material with high thermal reflectivity over your rooftops which greatly reduce the heating effect inside your home. The best way to place over your roof at the open, but for bundling down the extra mile on roof heat proofing, you might want to add another insulating material inside the ceiling, namely Styrofoam, or any other material with no chemical composition.


Close your doors and windows

Once the roof has been properly insulated, now let’s focus on the doors and windows as it immediate openings for heat to enter into your home. There are various other ways such as install special door and windows to insulate the openings as well, or simply add up a curtain would help you to isolate the intense heat during the summer season in Karachi. What we want to add here is closing the doors and windows can really help to reduce all the build up the heat to enter directly from such openings. If you happen to incorporate a complete roof heat proofing in Karachi and spare no expense on it, but forget to focus on your windows and doors, all the heavy work will go down the drain, cause that the only openings which can never be closed down in a home, so make sure you keep a close eye on them during heat wave in Karachi.

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Paint a bright color at the exterior of your home

Painting your home is your personal choice, and you have the complete right to do so. But science usually gets the upper hand when it comes to the heat wave in Karachi. There is a direct relationship between heat reflectivity and the object’s pigment. The darker the color, the lesser the value of heat reflectivity will be achieved, and when it goes down to black, you will obtain the minimum value of heat reflectivity. And if there is a lesser amount of heat reflection from a surface, then you have increased the amount of heat absorption value, which is terrible for homes. Opting for roof heat proofing in Karachi and companies that provide it, you will come to the realization that painting bright color, especially white, will help a great deal to prevent the extra heat from absorbing into your roofs and walls and saves up air conditioning cost.



Indeed roof heat proofing in Karachi goes a long way on providing you necessary barrier from heat waves which is turning violent each year. Although there are more to it, such as wall heat proofing, thermal insulation and the application of sun-reflective chemical treatments helps to make your home a lot cooler without turning on the air conditioning, and saves a lot of money from electricity bill, which is an optimal solution for not only Karachi, but for all of Pakistan.

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