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Top 6 ways to reduce heat from roof in Pakistan

Reduce heat from roof

It’s quite understandable for people to turn on their air conditioning as the climate worsen with each passing day with high temperature soaring the mercury level to the roof. But In Pakistan, where not enough electricity is present for our households, being completely dependent on air conditioning is not recommended at all. So, let talk with other options besides taking a dip into the swimming pool every other day. It’s not hard to imagine that all the build-up heat enters into our home through our roof and walls for that matter. Understanding heat temperature in the language of science is simply radiations that find its way inside the concrete roof as, it has the tendency to absorb water, heat, and pretty much every liquid in the world. In order to reduce the heat from roof in Pakistan, we have articulated some tried and tested methods that would definitely help you protect your roof from water as well as heat.

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1. Use bitumen membrane with white paint

Most of our roof in Pakistan are plain and level, so there are far options to apply in order to reduce heat from roof properly. The first suggestion which works as the best of both worlds is through using modified bitumen membrane rolls which are made up of asphalt or various other adhesive. The membrane is applied through melting their surface where the cool adhesive is located so that it can be applied onto the surface without any trouble. Although using white paint applied over the membrane can reduce heat as well as work as the best source of waterproofing for your roof in Pakistan.

2.Single ply membrane

Talking about membrane, there is another one which would come into consideration to reduce heat from roof more successfully without any additional chemical treatment at the surface for gaining better solar reflectivity. Single ply membrane is factory made vinyl sheet with a special type of coating used to protect from sun radiations. The ply membrane is then applied over the roof through the highly effective adhesive, or mechanical fasteners to properly get attached with the surface of your rooftops. With a compound that is used to decrease the total solar reflectivity, the single ply membrane is made up of thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) compound which not only made it cheap to purchase but also an effective membrane to reduce heat from the roof.

3.Build up Roofing (BUR)

A widely known method to help reduce heat from roof in Pakistan is Build up Roofing (BUR), which is only used for flat or less sloped rooftops. Through layering with bitumen or asphalt, along with applying inexpensive mineral as a protective layer using a cluster of rocks, gravel and various other light colored marbles with better solar reflectivity. Placing more layers into the roof will further reduce heat from roof and along with the ability to trap water inside the layers as well.

4. Apply cool roof coatings

Cool roof coating is the best choice for all type of roof in Pakistan, where it’s plain, or sloped. Through the application of chemically tuned coats over the rooftop increases the tendency of high solar reflectivity which decreases the overall heat radiation to enter into the structure. The most common roof cool coatings available in Pakistan are contentious coating and Elastomeric coating. These chemicals are applied with through spray, roller, brush or mopping over your roof. Simply by coating multiple layers of these chemicals, the allover solar reflectivity will increase and it helps to reduce heat from roof more effectively.

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5. Use Metal sheets

Slanted rooftops have few options when it comes to proper heat proofing in Pakistan, although, we don’t want anyone to deprived of having the basic right to remain cool during the hot summer season. Unpainted metal sheets are a good source of roof heat proofing as it usually has highly solar reflectivity, nationally. But as the nature of steel is, it tends to work as a good conductor, so more heat radiation adds up into the sheet. In order to decrease such dilemma, we can apply roof cool coatings over the metal sheet, which has a better solar reflectivity and become less reluctant to add up radiation from direct sunlight.



Besides various other methods used to reduce heat from roof in Pakistan, many people have been using roof cool techniques such as colored shingles for sloped roofs, roof sprinkling system (evaporation effect), and Imported marble laying. One of the most advanced forms of heat reduces methods is roof gardening, which has just made its way into the Pakistan market, with an extremely commendable result.

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