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Roof Heat Proofing Chemicals in Karachi used for Steel Surface

There are various types of roofs all over Pakistan, either its concrete roofs or steel roofs. With heat increasing each year in Karachi due to climate changes and various other man-made effects, science has taken certain measures to reduce the intensity to heat to a significant amount. Nowadays many people are referring to Roof Heat proofing contractors in Karachi to avail such services for their homes, commercial offices, and industries. For our readers, we want to educate them about what is the different approach that is made by roof heat proofing experts in Karachi over varied roof composition. Like concrete roof and corrugated sheet roof have different chemical treatment as per their composition, so let’s learn what they are in details.


Steel Roof heat proofing

There are various types of steel roofs that are being used in our homes and office, such as Galvanized sheets, Corrugated sheets, Steel sheet etc. All of these sheets used as a rooftop has different temperature absorbing rates based on its composition and structure, but more importantly, all of these sheets have a greater amount of heat radiation absorption rate than a concrete, plus, unlike concrete, the general roof heat insulation materials in Karachi which are used over concrete due to flatter surface, cannot be used over steel sheets, due to uneven surface and a lit slanted roof structure. This challenge has led roof heat proofing professionals in Karachi to produce another form of heat reduction mechanism which not only reduces the temperature for your homes and offices, but also it saves you a great deal from increased energy bill you get each month. And the chemical which we are referring to is While color paint mixed with Solar reflective colored pigment technology, so let’s learn what is that.

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Solar Reflective colored pigment technology

As the name suggests, this technology is used as a roof heat proofing chemicals in Karachi for reducing heat over steel sheets of any kind, whether its corrugated, Galvanized etc. Since it’s obvious to understand, the roof is the most straight forward structural area of any house, which is directly focused towards sunlight, receiving a huge amount of solar radiation throughout the day. Roof heat proofing chemicals in Karachi plays an important role in decreasing the level of the heat which enters our house. Although Solar reflective colored pigment technology is simply a lighter colored paint (mostly white) which is applied over the steel roofs. According to the EPA statistics, the heat absorption is directly dependent on the color, and laboratory test suggests that black color has the highest amount of absorbing coefficient level, while white color has the lease heat absorption level.


Titanium dioxide as reflective agent:

If you are thinking that simply applying white color over our steel roofs would reduce the effect of heat and fix our problem, well not quite. Although you might find an insignificant difference of like 2-3 C decrease to a temperature in your house, we are talking about the 10C-15C decrease, which is possible through roof heat proofing chemicals in Karachi and its proper application. Titanium dioxide, also known as pigment white, is a special type of oxide, which is extracted from ilmenite, anatase, and rutile. It has a melting point of 1843 C and boiling point is 2972 C. It is considered a safe as a roof heat proofing chemicals in Karachi for industrial and residential purposes. The best thing for Titanium dioxide is its color, which is white, which has a higher solar reflectivity value as compared to other pigments, which reduces temperate further down to 10 C over intense heat.

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Environmental benefits of roof heat proofing chemical

The main cause of climate change and the increase in average global temperature is because of harmful chemicals that have been exerted from industries, and pollution. This wouldn’t happen if we all should carefully acknowledge before using anything else, that whether a certain product is environmentally friendly or not. Roof heat proofing chemicals in Karachi which are used for steek roofs with sun reflective pigment technology is absolutely safe for exterior finishing as well as interior. The compound use is completely natural with no subsequent harmful side-effects one could get from inhaling the fumes. Furthermore, these Roof heat proofing chemicals are heat-resistant.



Steel Roofs have various other methods that can be used to reduce the total heat absorption rate for homes, such as polyurethane form at the exterior with fire-resistant chemicals to increase the life and protect from burns. Also, wood planks and Styrofoam is used as a roof heat insulation in Karachi to further limit down the radiation from the sun and provide you some relief from temperature and secure a better energy bill for later. We at Lakhwa Chemical Service provide the premium quality roof heat proofing chemicals in Pakistan which greatly reduce the temperature for your homes, offices, and industries.

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