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Is there any low-cost solution than roof heat proofing service in Pakistan?

We understand the money constraints when people are looking for a solution to reduce the intense heat especially for people living directly under a roof, facing the sunlight. The roof cool solution is always there, but little pricy on the wallet, since the chemical application needs to be thoroughly applied. Most people might ask, is there any low-cost solution than roof heat proofing services in Pakistan? To answer this solution, although we are providing a chemical solution, we can make our readers to some degree of answer that would give then an understanding that if there is anyone, what is it? And what so great about heat proofing treatment in Pakistan.

Reducing heat from the roof: A challenge no more

Pakistan is a hot country, cause it lies just beneath the tropic of cancer, and it has all 4 seasons as well. At most parts of the country, summer is really hard on our people, since we are already facing difficulty in paying rising electric bills each month, adding to our misery that discontinuous electric supply on most areas which means we cannot always rely on air conditioning units to help decrease the internal heat for our home. But I guess that’s how market improvises, adapt and survive, by introducing secondary solutions to help limit down the intense heat as much as possible. With heat proofing chemical popularity especially on the larger metropolis of Pakistan, It has become a reality that roof cool will surely be a possibility to ensure that each which enters into your home is properly reflected.

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Counting the cost with heat proofing options

Options are several when we want to limit the heat entering into our home, but the only issue we have in front of us is the limited cost. If we go with the cheapest one to most expensive, heat resistant solution result is different. We can spend no money and work as DIY to reduce heat on our roof, with the expense of time, energy, and maybe health wariness cause of working directly at the sunlight. But with all this hard work, a guaranteed result is still not produced, mainly because of the possibility that we take the matters on our hands and hasn’t consulted to some heat proofing experts, which is usually free of cost. More expensive and costly options may be vast and diversified to even situated sprinklers around your roof.

Chemical solution vs insulation

When talking about the popularity to counter heat over the roof in Pakistan, the two solutions are used in greater number, namely chemical-based solution, and heat insulation material. Before jumping on the difference and to answer which one is better, heat insulation is the costlier one, way costlier than chemical ones. But the result of heat insulation is better than heat proofing chemicals. But chemical treatment takes way less time for its application, requires no maintenance for years and like we said, damage your wallet to the minimum. But there is a reason heat insulation is availed by people, most importantly for industries, where the roof is usually situated with steel sheets such as corrugated sheet or galvanized sheet.

Other options for roof heat resistance

Like we said before, there are numerous options available for roof heat resistant solutions, besides chemical application. But the cost values so is the time applied to the work. Most people just place wood over the roof, usually scrap ones, that helps to one degree to lower down the heat that enters into your home. Then there is plantation over your roof, something too great greenery, may be grown vegetables along the way, but taking care and money used to maintain it may be over the roof. Lastly, there is a next-gen solution, mostly applied by companies and large industries, is simply situate ventilation all over the roof, and get complete security from roof heat, but at the cost of a really big dent in your wallet.

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People need relief from hot weather while keeping the cost bare minimum. This is surely the ideal situation for the customers, but whether we opt for air conditioning, or go with some advance form of a solution that limits down the roof heat in Pakistan, the cost is only variable that changes. So talking about reality, it’s only viable to avail solution after consultation from an expert which is usually free of cost.

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