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Types of advanced insulation options used in Pakistan

Advanced insulation options

Science is progressing exponentially by producing sophisticated means to counter extreme urban heat island effect which is ignited by massive urbanization and the use of concrete. Pakistan is one of the countries which is being affected by global warming in unprecedented scale and its consequences are conveyed down into people lives. So, it is vital to adopt various methods and techniques which can help us in reducing the heat in buildings, whether it’s commercial or residential. Heatproofing techniques such as elastomeric polymer and white paint have been used throughout Pakistan due to its vast acceptance as being the best product for roof cool in the market. But there are other more advanced forms of heat-proofing products, which usually comes under the domain of heat insulation that not only helps to reduce heat to a much higher rate than white paint but also quite easy to apply over difficult situations. Here are some of the most advanced insulation options used in Pakistan.

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Spray foam insulation

You might hear that roof cool paint known as elastomeric paint can reduce your electric bill to up to 20%, which is nice. But in comparison of Spray foam, It is nowhere to be found, which can provide a saving of up to 50%. Spray foam insulation is generally categorized into two parts; open cell and closed cell polyurethane foam insulation. If we talk about the spray foam insulation itself, it creates a permanent form of barrier over any surface, whether its roof or walls. It can easily be applied through spraying over the surface which in result helps to isolate air and creates a vacuum around the surround. The foam application also assists on keep air intact to minimize any leaks that might take in effect.

Open cell polyurethane

Open cell polyurethane is a type of spray insulation which helps to seal off the air around its application area. Not only it provides an effective heat insulation mechanism but also it’s highly practical for soundproofing as well. Due to its open cell composition, this advance insulation options are more adequate for filling holes, cracks and joints opening, as it has the tendency to expand and contract based on the temperature it faces. In result, open-cell polyurethane spray insulation is the best choice for both residential and commercial applications.

Closed cell polyurethane

This form of spray insulation helps to prevent vapor transmission for its surface where it applied. Due to its effective composition, and useful all-rounded behavior, closed cell polyurethane can easily be applied on any surface, whether its metal, concrete, wood, aluminum etc. Closed cell polyurethane can provide a better, more effective thermal restriction on a larger volume with a lesser amount of compound used. The practical application for these advanced insulation options in Pakistan is usually carried out in residential, and commercial buildings.

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Blown-in cellulose insulation

Blown-in cellulose insulation is a type of advance insulation options which is used in Pakistan. It is considered one of the most environmentally friendly forms of insulation method which is 80% made of from recycled newspaper. Due to the cellulose, its highly prone to fire, but a special type of coating is applied into the blown-in cellulose insulation which makes it more heat resistant and reduces flammability. Due to its abundance and environmental friendly compound, blown-in cellulose insulation is used in a greater quantity which helps to reduce the overall heat from your home due to its air-tightness and vapor resistivity.

Bait fiberglass insulation

A little newer form of spray insulation method which provides higher vapor transmission and heat resistance. In terms of its composition, Bait fiberglass insulation is made up of very fine small glass bundles, which is also referred to as recycled glass and can be found in abundance. For its application, it is also considered one of the most advanced insulation options which are being introduced in Pakistan. The best way to use bait fiberglass insulation is through spray module, can be used around walls and rooftops, for both internally and externally for having a maximum effect.

Barrier Coatings

Once we are all set with advanced insulation options in Pakistan, no insulation is complete with some additional goodies, one might call is as barrier coating in the language of heat-proofing services. A barrier coating provides an extra layer of protection over any new or old insulation. So there three types of protection one might choose from, namely, air barrier, vapor barrier, and thermal barrier. These coatings are completely produced from various chemical treatment whose primer focus is to jointly work with the host insulator aimed in providing the designated treatment.


We might conclude that in Pakistan, it’s only fair to learn about all of these advance insulation options which not only reduces excessive heat during the summer season but also works for various other benefits such as fire resistant, soundproofing, and vapor transmission resistivity.

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