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Types of Heat resistant roofing sheets used in Pakistan

Heat resistant roofing sheets

In homes, offices, and industries you would find various types of roofing material which works as a good source of construction feat. Unlike concrete roofing which is a permanent type of roof flooring made from Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC), the roofing sheets make it reasonably priced for many people to construct their homes based on temporary roofing which does take much space or adds up the cost. But what happens with this roofing is the heat resistivity is quite low, as metal sheets are good conductors and can pass heat radiation into the interior of your homes. There are several sheets available in the market with their own composition that includes pros and cons as well. Here are some of the famously used heat resistant roofing sheets.

Corrugated Sheet

Corrugated Sheets are basically steel roofing sheets but with corrugated structure. Corrugated as the name suggests is a repetitive fold which is used to increase the durability of your roof. Corrugated sheet is widely used for sheds, garages, porches etc. They are readily available in the market and are found in abundance as well. The best thing about corrugated sheet is that it can be further classified into 4 types of sheet, with their own benefits.

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Galvanized Steel Sheet

With the corrugated pattern, if the sheet is coated with zinc through dip process, it comes galvanized steel sheet. Simply with the process of coating, galvanized sheet increases its potency in certain areas of construction, such as It is lower in price than stainless steel but works similarly like that, requires less maintenance in the longer term, they can be used for a longer time, Can be used for further coating with chemicals such as heat proofing or waterproofing, to make it heat resistant roofing sheets, It has amazing damage control with external interference, It provides ad-hoc protection to areas where there is upward damage either from debris or sunlight, Zinc coating cannot be used on any other type of roofing sheet other than galvanized steel sheet, and lastly inspection and painting takes a lesser time to perform. All of these advantages have made Galvanized Steel sheet one of the prominent options as the heat resistant roofing sheets in Pakistan.

Polyester Painted Sheet

These type of corrugated sheet are mostly used in agriculture sheds and huts, due to low in cost and easier to setup. The modified zinc coating makes the sheet looks dark green with durability to the minimum. Due to the average cost of the sheet, Polyester Painted Sheet has a very low life span and need to replaced every 5 to 10 years. But this small lifespan may sound like a disadvantage, but for outdoors, where work is not in a permanent manner, these polyester painted sheets proved to be vital as heat resistant roofing sheets in Pakistan.

PVC Plastisol

In terms of sheet coating, similarly like Polyester Painted sheets, there is another compound which has been extensively used as a coating agent for around 100 years. That is called PVC Plastisol. The reason for this coat is to increase the life span of a regular corrugated sheet. Not only it helps to withstand extreme weather with zero tolerance on leakages, but also PVC Plastisol works as a recommended material to provide consistency if corrugated sheets are used in a large area. In order to make PVC Plastisol Sheet a heat resistant roofing sheet in Pakistan, it is required to apply an extra layer of coating either using heat resistant chemical treatment such as elastomeric paint, or titanium dioxide pigment.

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Sheets that comes with a bitumen compound attached with corrugated sheet not only provide it with necessary support as heat resistant roofing sheet in Pakistan, but bitumen plays an important role to make it a waterproof sheet as well. The mixture of waterproofing and heat proofing greatly benefits the galvanized sheet to withstand additional pressure either from rain, harsh weather and white color coating from elastomeric paint or polyurethane foam can handle heat resistivity to its maximum.


With various other metal sheets used in Pakistan such as steel sheet, aluminum sheet, Polycarbonate, and Plastic sheet works primary for providing protection to your structure from water, and heat. With corresponding waterproofing and heat proofing chemicals, the roofing sheet can get an additional property to handle environmental variation into its composition quite effectively.

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