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heat insulation contractor: what services do they provide?

heat insulation contractor

In Pakistan, you might hear about heat proofing services who have the expertise of providing heat resistant coating for your roofs and walls. But I may be possible that heat insulation contractor may occur to you once in a while. So what does heat insulation contractors really means? In definition, they provide services such as heat insulation for the roof and walls of your structure to prevent heat from entering into your home. There is another way around as well, which is to trap the heat inside the home, for places situated in colder climates. If you are still in the dark regarding heat insulation contractor and what are they really providing something to the society, you will realize soon enough that they are quite an important department which is playing a prominent role for nation-building.

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Types of insulation methods

We can better understand the services and need for heat insulation contractors if we are looking to understand the problems which are being solved by such people. In practice, there are in total of 3 methods of insulation, where heat insulation contractor comes into play. What are they? Let’s learn below:


This is the most vital process that takes place during a heat wave or hot climates in Pakistan. Radiation is the transfer of higher energy level into the lower energy level through a vacuum. If we talk about radiation, it doesn’t require any need of direct opening, or path as radiation crosses to boundaries of wall or roof no matter its closed down or not. Radiation is also controlled by material, if its thermal conductivity is lesser, the lesser amount of radiation will pass down inside your home. Now, where does heat insulation contractor comes into play? It is his responsibility to reduce the effect of solar radiation that affects the nominal temperature inside your homes. Through using roof heat insulation services and wall heat insulation services, we might further reduce the effect of heat for our homes.


Unlike radiation, conduction requires direct contact in order to transfer energy from one place to another. If we talk about homes, conduction takes place on people homes, office and industries, where the conduction might come into play, if heat is increasing from the outside world. For the physical property of concrete or steel sheets inside your home, the conductivity makes it possible that heat can comes inside the home and make the temperature risen. Heat insulation contractor makes sure that the conduction is reduced for homes through using a special type of material that works as a poor conductivity for heat energy to travel inside. During warmer climates, when the heat energy increases exponentially, it is the heat insulation contractor, that is responsible to fit material capable of overcome heat energy from your homes to a much greater extent.

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Scientific definition for convection is the transfer of heat energy through fluids, or anything expect solid or gasses. Since we mostly deal with a high temperature in Pakistan, the convection exists due to warmer winds infused with air that reaches into your home. That convection is more Independent that any other method of heat transfer, It is the job of heat insulation contractor to provide necessary services that help reduce the effect of convection into your home. In terms of which material is required to be used for reducing convection, same can be equipped for radiation and conduction methods which take place during their application.

Does heat insulation contractor cost?

Once you are all set to hire heat insulation contractor in Pakistan, the next most fundamental approach is to learn about its cost and estimation. Most of the heat insulation contractors also provide heat proofing service, so all rules that apply for ordinary heat proofing services in Pakistan, the same can be said heat insulator, contractor. That primary means that you might need to pay fifty percent of advance to your heat insulator contraction firm. Also, for estimation or quoting about your project, as the norm of the free quote has been going on in heat proofing industry, so does heat insulation service. The only major indifferent that exists between the services is mostly because of the material used for heat insulation.


Heat insulation contractors in Pakistan are not that much hard to find, as most of the contractors are available to handle more work, it may be possible that heat insulation cause loses its way to gaining heat proofing work from the market. But rest assured, the need for heat insulation services in Pakistan is only increasing as time passes on.

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