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Top 6 thermal insulation material that keeps your home cool

Thermal insulation

In Pakistan, the warm climates have a reputation to become fierce and it only increases as each year pass by due to global warming. Not what types of remedies are available to take refuge from such heat intensity. If you are thinking about air conditioning, you have hit right on the spot Air conditioning does work well, but the energy consumption during summer are soaring into the highest which is almost become unbearable to experience. Not to mention the energy crisis which has been a part of Pakistan for quite some time. The reason for developing this background is to let our readers know about various techniques which can help you to reduce the extreme heat for your homes. That can be achieved through thermal insulation materials which helps you to suppress the heat wave to a much greater extent. Let learn what type of thermal insulation material are available in Pakistan.

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Fiberglass insulation

Let’s start off with the most advanced form of material which has not one but several applications in our modern times. Being lightweight and cheap material, it can also come into play as a thermal insulation material in Pakistan which is used to keep your home cooler during warmer climates. If you are wondering, what’s so good about fiberglass material that it has secured the position to present itself as a highly versatile material of the 21st century. For that, we might need to go further to learn about its construction first. Fiberglass is a fiber-like material made from sand and recycled glass. Due to its composition, its highly resistant to fire, and doesn’t absorb moisture. Any option which has these two properties has a higher value of heat Resistivity.

Cellulose Insulation

Made from recycled newspaper, Cellulose is cheap and most popular thermal insulation material which is used in homes. But with all the advantages, there are indeed some negative points for cellulose. Since its made from recycled newspaper, it’s highly combustible, so additionally, we need to apply fire resistant chemicals to make it more reluctant to catching fire. Not only that, but it can also absorb water to a large quantity, which in return lowers the Heat Resistivity for the material. So why does cellulose insulation ever being used in our home? The simple reason is the large acceptance due to its availability in the form of recycled paper. To improve the heat insulation towards your home, we used cellulose to make it thicker to get number of R-value in its composition.

Polyisocyanurate Insulation

Polyisocyanurate insulation material is made up of plastic which as a closed cell formed. This composition helps to airtight the gases which finds it difficult to passes by the material, which secure around R-5.6 to R-8. The best thing about Polyisocyanurate insulation is it can come in the various form for its application, for example, it can be used as form spray, liquid or solid form, as per your requirement. This insulation material greatly reduces the environmental heat coming in from outdoors.

Expanded Polystyrene insulation

For solid walls or concrete buildings, similarly, in Pakistan, there is expanded polystyrene insulation which plays an integral role in preventing heat towards your home. The composition of expanded polystyrene insulation is carried out through plastic beads is fused together that looks like a transparent colored object. As per the concrete wall that has been used in Pakistan, the hollow concrete blocks are used where expanded polystyrene insulation which greatly resists heat radiation for around R-3.8 to R-5.

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Spray Polyurethane form

Polyurethane has been considered to be an ultimate insulation material for homes in Pakistan as no matter what material your walls or roof is made up of, whether its concrete, steel sheets or wood, the polyurethane foam can be applied over the walls quite easily, with generally a greater amount of insulation resulted out of it. The only disadvantage is its cost, which is above the average.

Radiant Barriers

For hot summer heat that comes in Pakistan, every summer season cannot along get decreased only through insulation material, but we need to add into another form of insulation which reduces heat but also reflects the heat away from your home. One of which is called radiant barriers. These special type of blocks are available in the form of solid sheets that can be situated outside of the roof. Radiant barriers are a special type of resistant material whose main purpose is to reflect the direct sun rays back into the environment, similarly like heat proofing paint.


Insulation material which is used in Pakistan helps homes to decrease the total heat radiation inside your home. Through various methods based on your preference, you can greatly benefit from reduced energy consumption as well as make your environment a better place with a low amount of carbon dioxide over the territory.

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