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Why Insulate exterior walls are important for your homes

Insulate exterior walls

There are 3 types of walls based on its construction usually used in Pakistan, namely, solid walls, concrete walls, and frame walls. Generally speaking, when the construction takes space, the walls are build up simply by using any of the above material which in return has no major benefits based on heat temperate in Pakistan. Either you talk about concrete, solid block or frame, the heat can easily be conducted inside our homes which makes it quite unbearable to live during the summer days in Pakistan. You can turn on your air conditioning unit, but the only return which you’ll face is the soaring energy bills every month. There is another way, and it is more likely to be used during construction or intense renovation of your homes, that is to insulate exterior walls with special made material that prevent heat to transfer inside your homes. So let see why is it important to isolate exterior walls for your homes.

Saves you from energy consumption

The most important advantage one can get from insulate exterior walls is to experience an exponential decrease in energy consumption for your homes. Living in an urban location, you will definitely find it troublesome during summer days when the solar radiation is doing its toll into your homes, day and night. To get protected from an increase in heat temperature, the only solution most people adopt is through air conditioning running time, which just adds on the electric bills charges into its peak during these heat-induced days. Through insulate exterior walls by using various methods, you will enable your walls to become more erect to deal with high temperature and radiation, which further restricts down from entering into the homes freely. Practically speaking, advantages of insulate exterior insulation in terms of saving oneself from energy consumption, goes long way due to the fact its quite inexpensive while setting up for the first time. For all those homeowners who is looking to insulate exterior walls after the construction is taken place, it can also come into play through using various exterior wall insulation methods used in Karachi.

Safeguard from wall dampness

Dampness on the walls not only damages your its formation but also affects the aesthetic of your home greatly. Insulate exterior wall makes it possible to secure it from wall dampness which helps a home to make it more restricted from unwanted dampness over the walls. There are more than one ways to reduces the dampness of the walls, using waterproofing techniques. Through insulate exterior wall and similar working, you will get a much better result with not only security from wall dampness, but also help to reduce the heat absorbing inside your homes.

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Provide protection against exterior moisture

When rain season comes into play, your exterior wall gets affected the most, due to the moisture stored inside the walls, makes things worse for us. All of the water, that goes into the wall, make your paint come out and makes your walls look unattractive. Better paint might reduce the effect but in order to completely restrict from having this dilemma for your homes is through properly insulate exterior walls with either wood panels or polyurethane, which can be placed at the exterior wall of your homes. This practice will greatly reduce the store moisture for your homes or offices.

Reduces internal temperature

Temperature reduction is one of the biggest reason people opt to have insulate exterior walls in Pakistan. Through proper insulation process, the walls are completely protected from various effects which only adds up total temperature being exerted inside the home, which includes increase in temperature from direct sunlight, increase in temperature through stored heat inside the walls, and from urban heat island effects, which make thing worse for people living in cities. With everything into consideration, it is of utmost importance that insulate exterior walls is always taken into concern when you are really looking to get protected during the hot season.

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Reduces the risk of insect infestation

Lastly, the benefits which a person can get from insulate exterior wall which most people are unfamiliar of is the safeguard of insect infestation inside your home. Using properly insulation for walls, insects will find a head to enter inside your home due to the proper insulation. Insulation material can also be coated with a special material that helps to kill insects more effectively and disrupt the larva of the insect located inside your household.


Insulate exterior walls is somewhat a necessity for everyone who is looking to get protected from insects, heat, dampness and high energy consumption. Through proper insulate exterior walls for your homes, you can defend yourself from the harmful effects of home temperature rising and other undesirable outcomes.



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