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Tips for external wall proofing before painting

Wall paint undergoes every 5-10 years due to renovation drive carried out by homeowners. External wall painting is one of the parts of the area which has to be properly accomplished, that not only improves the aesthetics of your home but also increase the resale value of your property. For external walls, many people may have observed that dampness and seepage occur due to moisture stored within the concrete because of various reasons, such as rainwater, leaking pipelines, etc. With the water stored inside the masonry, applying the paint is not recommended, as the seepage will worsen the new paint within days of its application. The only option for homeowners is to conduct external wall proofing which will not only help to prevent water from ever going inside your walls or stops the stored moisture leveling out from the wall as well. Below are some tips for external wall proofing before painting your walls so that you are able to get maximum benefit for the increase in resale value.

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Look out for wall cracks

Now, this is a no-brainer, if you see any type of crack on your external wall, you need to fill that up. Same goes with holes or damages on the external wall. This is important because if the paint is applied into the wall as it is, all of your paint will losses its charm by seeing uneven wall existing at the external of your house. Secondly, cracks, holes or another type of damages on your external wall contains stored moisture which further deepens the cracks and creates dampness of the wall as well as seepage. By filling out wall cracks with external wall proofing product, you will have complete affirmation that the external wall is properly being repaired. For Plaster or concrete walls, the chemicals for filling out wall cracks are usually controlled by sealants chemicals, mostly special type of epoxy or polyurethane foam injections to fill out the gaps. Once your external wall proofing is successfully achieved, you might apply wall waterproofing for double protection for the future.

Clean your rain gutters

All homes, where your rain gutters existed, show be properly cleaned every 2 years or so, or when you are about to apply color over your external walls. The reason for this out of the box concept, is rain gutter is usually get clogged if not cleaned every now and then. Once it’s clogged, it will store excessive water over its path. The water has the tendency to find the path, so it will get absorbed inside the concrete structure and produces seepage and unclean external walls. Although it’s an optional practice, cause many people might not have a rain gutter attached with their homes, it’s still important to properly clean the gutter and in return avoid water to get stored to make it a comprehensive external wall proofing.

Choose the right waterproofing contractor

With a lot of options available, it is important to choose the correct waterproofing contractor which will handle all of your stored moisture inside your walls and improves its structure. The tips on finding out how to select the right waterproofing contractor for your home completely depends on the waterproofer products they are experienced in using. Such as concrete waterproofing products, that protect all of your walls that is made up of concrete. For all of those walls where no paint is needed to apply, we use silicate based waterproofing product, which greatly reduces the seepage and leakage of your external walls. Thirdly is to use waterproofing paint, which is among the top option from this list. Not only you can get secured from water seepage and dampness on the walls but also has a pleasant smell into it.

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Add up waterproofing mixture into plaster

As mentioned above, you might need to fill the gaps in order to make external wall proofing to its maximum potency. Although plaster has been using for years regarding any crack fillings tasks for external and internal walls, you can simply add waterproofing adhesive into the pasture to make it more robust with stored water over your walls. Creating a double action against dampness and serious cracks that might turn even the best of plaster to shame.


External wall proofing for your homes, offices, and industries is mighty important before applying paint into it. Make sure your cracks and dampness are properly taken care of. You might need to hire top waterproofing contractor in Pakistan, which as the ability to provide the service that you are looking for with utmost professionalism and result oriented approach.

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