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Ways to waterproof your bathroom floor in Pakistan

A bathroom floor carries the most burden from a water point of view, withstanding all the adverse effects caused by water-based damages, such as mold, mildew, tiles grout and other unhygienic outcomes which emerges solely due to the water source. There is without a doubt that all the water which remains on the floor will somehow damage not just your floor but for residential apartments, your floor will be someone else bathroom ceiling, which will eventually show the signs of damages inflicted upon it. It up to the homeowner as responsible citizen and neighbor to consider not just for yourself but for others as well and take up the task of understanding ways to waterproof your bathroom floor in Pakistan.

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Perform waterproofing without a mess

The best waterproofing application is one which uses fewer people and winds up without creating a lot of mess. This is the most important concept in bathroom waterproofing since the entire process is involved in chemical application, your bathroom will look unsatisfactory if it displays signs of weird spots all over the place. That’s being said, we have some pointer or two for our readers to help them assist in filling out the products by causing much mess during the entire process. Let’s learn step by step about the methods used to waterproof your bathroom floor in Pakistan.

Cleaning the floor

First thing first, start by cleaning your bathroom. If it’s wet, dry it up. If there is garbage around, clean it using sweeper. A Thorough cleanup will secure a fine place to manage your things around and evaluate the entire floor to its basic level. There’s no need to make the bathroom shine, simply sweeping it so that no physical object is laying around the floor is suffice, same goes with water laying as well.

Fill all the gaps

This second step involves chemical usage so handling any chemical should be done while wearing some protective gear, that includes a face mask, gloves, and rubber shoes. The filing of gaps is handled similarly as the gaps fill is carried out when we paint the walls. But when talking about waterproofing the floor, filling it with plaster is not used, but instead, we use waterproofing sealant compound that helps to fill some of the places which are large gaps, usually around the corner of the bathroom floor. This process doesn’t involve filling the titles grouts.

Application of waterproofing products

The use of waterproofing products such as bitumen, cementitious or acrylic will be used in this section. Simply apply the product either using a brush or with a spreader, whichever suits the need. The concept here is to apply a single coat of the chemical around the floor, and 1-meter height around the walls starting from the base as well, so that it doesn’t affect the floor when water is being channeled down from the walls.

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Place membrane

Membrane comes in various forms and sizes. For the bathroom, we can either use the bitumen-based membrane or go for cloth based membrane. The job of the membrane is to act as a protective layer being a sandwich between two coats of waterproofing that helps the protection to a greater level. The placement of the membrane is covered in a parallel manner which helps to properly manage the membrane so that the wastage is minimized as much as possible. This process may include glue or binding compound which helps to situate the cloth membrane to the base of the bathroom floor.

Cover the entire floor

Once the membrane in place, the waterproofing binding agent is used to fill all around the membrane to provide the permanency process and ensure that waterproofing chemical is thoroughly applied around the bathroom. After this process is concluded, the entire bathroom floor will transfer into chemically induced flooring with chemical color being displayed as its response of waterproofing providing its stance.

Final Coating

Similarly, like a paint job, we provide a final coat of waterproofing chemical over the agent once it’s done. This coat will help the membrane to become in a sandwich manner and ensure that water is being restricted at all cost. This final coating can proceed with the extension of a roller, or paintbrush.


Understanding ways of waterproof a bathroom floor in Pakistan requires some experience to make the job cleaner which uses the products most effectively. Usually, people who go for a DIY often gets frustrated when applying to waterproof since it takes up a lot of time for them. Hiring a waterproofing company in Pakistan is considered the best option one might go for to ensure that his bathroom is properly protected from the adverse effects of water-based damages and increase the life of floor for several years.

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