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List of solutions to reduce heat from the roof in Karachi

Homeowners are usually looking for solutions that can reduce intense heat from their home. Indeed they have air conditioning playing a vital role in the reduction of heat, but the energy consumption and high cost of power bill are troubling. Keeping in view with all of these aspects, its viable to find solutions that reduce heat from the roof in Karachi, from where most heat radiation enters into the home. Discussing the list of solutions is what this article is aiming for our readers. But first let’s learn some background information about how the roof gets heat up, some interesting facts.


Increase Heat Roofing factors


When your roof is absorbing all the heat, it means you are missing some basic precautionary measures that help protect your roof from getting extremely hot. Among the affected areas, some elements that play a part in increasing the temperature over the roof are usually revolved on these 3 areas.


  • Color of roof: Your roof is plain and open, which means all of the sunlight hits on it, hence its quite evident that the temperature around your roof will rise to over 40 45 C at average, but if your roof is coated with dark-colored paint, the temperature can rose to over 50C. 
  • Absence of insulation: Your roof open is not a good idea at all, and with the absence of insulation, even wood slabs, that means that heat will only add up.
  • Pitch of the roof: If the roof is flat, it will absorb more heat than a slanted roof, but that’s something construction expert has already done its work.

Pointing this area is what our entire solution will revolve around none the less. It’s necessary to consider the importance of roof structure as well, but since we assume that most people are looking for a solution that doesn’t require a construction job, cause it only adds up more money.

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Ways to reduce heat from the roof


Talking about different ways to reduce the heat from the roof in Karachi, in short, there are some popular ones and other not so popular. It all depends on the choice of the customers and requirements as well. It’s important to consider the financial limitations as well, cause each solution to pose different financial requirements, so understanding which solution is best if the customer is left in the conscious of our readers.


Apply reflective paint on the roof


First solution in our list, which is considered not just reasonable in terms of cost, but instantly result oriented with virtual zero maintenance requirement. Coating your roof with reflective paint will help to reduce temperature to around 10 degrees without a sweat. Hence the popularity is pretty well known for these heat proofing chemical treatment in Karachi.


Grow plants and shrubs 


It is often seen in roofs that people try to grow plants, and shrubs due to the abundance of free and open space, it does two things. First to make your roof more refreshing and lively due to all greenery, and it works as insulation that absorbs the heat and give off air instead, that wants plants and botany are all about. Although growing plants in the roof mean, you need to hire a gardener for the job, or could do yourself, but result takes time to surface. 


Roof ventilation


Certain areas, most especially large buildings with plenty of investment go with a solid solution, which requires even more amount of energy consumption, similar like air conditioning, but makes the roof heat a matter of past. Ventilation requires metal construction, which keeps the air circulating over the air, powered by a compressing, making roof cool and ensuring that the buildings where the roof ventilation is placed, keeps the temperature in constant form, in some cases more chillier than other means. 

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Avail roof restoration service


It could be the reason for heat buildup around your roof due to outstanding work needed such as roof restoration and renovation works. Availing the construction assistance from civil authority, it will ensure that the roof is properly fixed and restored with any construction based damage, that also helps to reduce the temperature to a certain extent.


Invest in roof mist system


Mist spray system, similar to sprinkler used in a garden helps reduce the temperature over the roof. In most cases, it is considered a good solution to keep the roof wet and plenty of moisture in place, but the infrastructure for water pipes and switch system might need scheduled maintenance work for time to time.


Insulation with spray foam


Heat Insulation comes into play to reduce the heat temperature from the roof in the most effective way. The heat insulation top the solution that is both result-oriented and quicker for application is spray foam, although there are others available as well. The most popular form of spray form is called polyurethane spray foam, that insulates directly as well as radiated heat from the roof.



Its quite evident that there is more than one form of heat resistive solutions for the roof that limits the flow of heat to enter into your home. But keeping in view the monetary constraints and the urgency of the work, people often choose from the most popular ones to once that effective for large organizations as so forth.

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