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Heat Proofing of Roof Pakistan

Lakhwa Chemical Services is considering among to top chemical treatment companies in Pakistan which are equipped with the means and minds to provide best heat proofing of roof in Pakistan. It is without a doubt that Pakistan is facing an adversary of climate change which will only increase with the passage of time. It is high time that we use all the possible strength as a nation to deal with this menace and get protected from health effecting issues such as intense heat waves and climate changes. Heatproofing of the roof in Pakistan is one of the advances which is provided to us by science and technology, more specifically in the department of chemical discovery. Through modern day technology and imported products, Lakhwa Chemical Service is able to provide an ease to our clients so that they can get a more relaxing sensation against the rise in heat temperature. Some of the products which are provided by Lakhwa Chemical Services is provided below:

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Heat Reflector Coating System LH1

Long gone are the days when people need to use not one but two air conditioning units which are nothing short of a headache. Not only they add up the electricity bills at the end of the month, but also makes your bones and body affected negatively after a certain period of time. Through the use of heat reflector coating system LH1 provided to you by Lakhwa Chemical Service, we make sure that all of our procured heat reflector insulation materials will help you to target direct sunlight and reflect it from your rooftops in no time.

Elastomeric heat reflector coating system LH2

Elastomeric as the name sounds refers to as something which has the property of elasticity. The chemical treatment which helps to make sure that heat is trapped reflected successfully through contraption and expansion of the chemical, our procured elastomeric heat reflector coating system LH2 will make sure that all the heat is successfully dissipated in the open once our team of experts are done with your rooftop and applied properly the chemical treatment that you require.

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Simple Reflector Coating with Resin Sheet

To make things into the next level, the use of sheets along with reflector coating will ensure that no heat ever makes through into your home ever again. With the power of reflector coating that has the ability to reflect major part of direct sunlight through the roof, while the use of resin sheet, which not only works to remove the leakage heat rays but also stops the water from entering into your facilities, one might say that its killing two bird with one stone type of a deal.


Lakhwa Chemical Services understands its more than anyone else that heat is a nuisance which must be handled intelligently, as of using air conditioning might help you reduce the heat at once, but with the passage of time and in Pakistan, the summer season runs for 7-8 months, its only viable to use secondary options as well to help you save some money as well as increase your health to the better.

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