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How to seal a steel water tank and stop leakage from it?

Everything in the world can break or the very least, damaged. As for how to seal a steel water tank, many queries are emerging out by people who are facing an unprecedented amount of leakage without any backup allocation.

For all of these people, we are providing a simple guide on how to seal a steel water tank so that at the end of the day, we can get a breath of fresh air and to experience a trouble-free water usage in our home.

Clear steel tank from water

First thing first, we need to properly clear of our steel water tank from any existence of water. Since we need to see better on how much damage is being inflicted over a steel water tank, we can’t do that when water is under the water tank.

There’s another important reason to clear our steel tank from water is that usually in most cases, the water tank is located at the top, and to bring it down, the water will make the steel water tank unable to get down properly because of extreme weight.

Once the water from the steel tank is cleared up, we’ll go with the next step on the journey of how to seal a steel water tank.

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Look out for damaged area

It’ll be a little challenging to find all and every damaged area, but its important for starters to see how big or small the damage is before we can go ahead with a chemically waterproofing solution.

Some damage uses chemicals only. While there will be some little deeper damage, which needs to be fixed differently.

There will be times when applying waterproofing chemicals to seal a steel water tank won’t be possible until its welded and repaired by a water tank repair shop.

Types of waterproofing that works to seal a steel water tank

As everything ultimately depends on the chemical application for the basis of a waterproofing solution, its beneficial to discuss different types of waterproofing that work to seal a steel water tank.

Although people should avail chemicals based on their requirements, we are providing only the most popular chemicals out from the rest of the bunch that goes well to seal a steel water tank and stop leakage for the better.


First and foremost, to answer the million-dollar question about how to seal a steel water tank using the chemical application, the first chemical that comes to our mind is none other than polymer-based waterproofing chemicals.

The waterproofing chemicals which are not just cheap and readily available but work quite well with both concrete and steel water tanks are polymer-based.

There is a different type of chemicals that comes under the category of polymer-based, in which the most popular one is acrylic. The acrylic chemical is transparent colored chemicals which can be mixed with cement or along, depending on the material over which it needs to be applied.


For the water tank, we can’t apply bitumen since it’s not advised because there’s usable water stored inside the water tank. Although there’s no restriction in using bitumen membrane for sealing steel water tank for good.

Simply by applying a blowtorch to ensure that the bitumen membrane properly melts up and covered over the water tank, it ultimately fixes the leakage and seepage for the better.

SBR bonding agent

SBR or in other words styrene-butadiene rubber is a waterproofing chemical that comes off in the form of adhesive.

By pouring down the chemical usually over the external end of the steel water tank helps to fix the small or medium-size cracks and leakage openings for years to come.

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Dry it for 24 hours 

Finally, after applying your intended waterproofing chemical to ensure seal steel water tank, its quite natural that before using it, we need to wait a full day to make the compound get properly dried up.

If it’s possible to place the water tank directly under the sunlight, it would seal up the steel water tank pretty well. Otherwise placing it simply under the room temperature will take more time to properly dried up.

Looking to avail of expertise for sealing steel water tanks in Pakistan?

There are multiple instances that question about how to seal a steel water tank for several years is a difficult work that most of the people are finding trouble to resolve on their own, despite learning about all the steps involved in the work.

Ultimately, it all lands on hiring a professional water tank waterproofing company such as LCS waterproofing solutions to ensure that best to seal water tank is covered.

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