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List of bathroom waterproofing products in Pakistan

Having to rely on good bathroom waterproofing products makes your waterproofing solution a possibility. It’s up to the customer to choose the one that’s optimum for their bathroom, or simply they could rely on the professionalism of a waterproofing company.

Either way, we find that it’s pretty important to showcase the list of bathroom waterproofing products in Pakistan as a reference which greatly helps people different types of products available in the market for their use.


Bituminous waterproofing is considered as the most popular product for bathroom leakage and seepage treatment.

The main reason for its popularity is the cost-effective solution and the result obtain through this solution. Bituminous as the name suggests is related to bitumen product, which is originally in black and also refers to as asphalt.

The cold bitumen is usually applied over the affected material to ensure that no leakage comes over the coated surface as its oil-based solution.

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Acrylic is a transparent color solution that is applied over the surface with the help of the cement solution. The solution does a remarkable job of protecting people from the water-based damage over their bathroom.

Being one of the highly popular bathroom waterproofing products, acrylic is also very much cost-effective.

Another benefit of using acrylic for your bathroom waterproofing products is that we can pass the chemical over the draining pipes using hot air gun and blower because raw acrylic can quickly become dry and strongly get into any leakage under the pipe if found.


In the bathroom, it has been observed that moisture based damage is quite common since water being evaporated does cause damage over our walls and ceilings.

In to make it go away, we need to rely on something related to cement. The cementitious waterproofing makes it possible to apply the area where leakage and seepage is a common sight.

The cement with the help of bathroom waterproofing products gets air-tight over the surface and has a positive effect over the surface that shows moisture damage.

Bitumen membrane

As for top tier bathroom waterproofing products, bitumen membrane seems to top the list. The main reason for this solution to get so much cover time is because it does two benefits for us, one is protected from water-based damage, others to repair any cracks located on the surface.

There’s on the issue for the membrane that it’s usually applied over the floor or any place, and no much over the walls. For the bathroom, if you need to care for your floor and ensure that no leakage comes near it, you need to protect it using bitumen membrane.

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Known as Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR) used as a waterproofing solution especially during construction to help make your surface waterproofed.

The chemical is although pretty amazing for application, but comparing with other bathroom waterproofing products, SBR is applied mostly during the construction phase.

This is because this solution is poured down into the concrete. After all, this chemical ensures that your concrete becomes waterproofed and ensures that no leakage or seepage comes near our customers.

Polymer Emulsion

A polymer emulsion is also one of the bathroom waterproofing products people use to protect their walls and floor from leakage mostly in their bathrooms.

Polymer Emulsion is a solution that means water-soluble polymer. The polymer is what makes a waterproofing proofing possible, although the application of the chemical is also something that needs to be properly tackled.

Simply with polymer emulsion, we can mix the bathroom waterproofing products in water or any other soluble through which application is a possibility.

Polyurethane primer

Polyurethane is a product which is mostly used for heat insulation purpose. But when the same polyurethane is accompanied with a primer, it can quickly get dry up over the surface while keeping the resin-based compound over the top of the surface, ensuring that no leakage and seepage comes near the coated surface.

Polyurethane primer is easy to apply a solution and helps greatly to ensure that the applicator gets a solid solution that lasted for years to come.

Looking to find professional bathroom waterproofing in Pakistan?

It’s up to the customer to choose from the list of bathroom waterproofing products for their need. But when you go ahead and hire a professional waterproofing company for your bathroom leakage and seepage treatment, it’s even better for multiple facets.

For the bathroom, waterproofing needs simply call an LCS waterproofing solution for quick estimation and more details on the bathroom waterproofing products that you need.

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