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Is Thermocol fire resistant? Properties and Features of Thermocol

Thermocol or popularly known as Styrofoam is a cheap, easily available solution that is widely used for a whole lot of purposes.

Out of all the uses, it is applying over the roof as a roof heat insulation material in Pakistan. But there’s also a popular query that people are looking for it to being answered, which to understand is Thermocol fire resistant?

Let’s learn in detail about the very query and understand how Thermocol is considered so popular through its properties and unique features.

What does Thermocol is known chemically?

To understand the question Is Thermocol fire resistant, we first need to go in-depth and learn about the basics of its composition, properties, and features.

As it’s a synthetically made compound, the first thing we must learn is what does Thermocol is known chemically, because every chemical product has two names, chemically and brand name.

Thermocol is known as Expanded Polystyrene or EPS, and since it made inside Polystyrene family, it can be found in abundance.

Polystyrene is manufactured through petroleum hydrocarbon polymers, which is later processed into solid form to produce Polystyrene.

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Manufacturing process

As we know that polystyrene is a hydrocarbon-based product, there’s a higher probability that our answer to the question Is Thermocol fire-resistant might be in positive.

In practice, the polystyrene comes with resin that is later processed to produce EPS. After the cooling process of the resin, the cell structure forms a pure polystyrene chemical.

Various companies are expert in producing Thermocol product but the manufacturing process yield a lot of quantity of the product which makes it way cheaper than other solutions comparatively.

Does Thermocol absorb water?

Now let’s understand the properties of Thermocol which helps us understand how well this product is being welcomed by the community.

In short, the Thermocol is found in abundance along with Styrofoam, and which ensures many people to use this product for their requirements.

To answer the question does Thermocol absorb water 2% to 4% of water as the sponge-like material ensures that liquid easily gets inside the substance.

But the absorption of water doesn’t mean that it’s decreased in its effectivity but instead, in some particular scenarios, the Thermocol properties of absorbing water do a remarkable job.

Is Thermocol is good heat insulation?

The Thermocol as a standalone product is not used for insulation, as pockets of air are stored inside the material which then increases the heat conduction and subsequently reduces the heat insulation.

Practically speaking, Thermocol as well as Styrofoam are used as sandwiching the material between the non-porous films to reduce the movement of air as much as possible.

How to measure Thermocol during heat insulation solution?

When an expert is looking to find the properties of Thermocol or other materials similar to it, they need to see any measured value which helps them how well it can insulate heat as compared to other materials.

In practical usage, Thermocol is used as ice-cooler, food containers, and another element that help store heat and limit the conduction as much as possible.

Practically, it has been known to be known as 22 Density Kg per cubic meter. From other solutions depending on the insulation material, the Density helps an expert understand how well the insulation exists within the standalone product without any modification.

Can Thermocol float on water?

Did you know that the density of water is 997 kg per cubic meter, while Thermocol is 22 kg per cubic meter? This makes the Thermocol floats over the water without any intention of sinking.

Although this property is not as much as useful, still it makes people understand that floating seems to work regardless of people’s aspirations.

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What is the melting point of Thermocol?

Thermocol is a good solution when dealing with its melting point. At 100 C it starts to become softer but to become completely in liquid form, or melting point is 210 C.

With this degree, the material has the tendency to withstand a lot of energy based on its profound development in excessive amounts.

Is Thermocol fire resistant

Now with the most important question, Is Thermocol fire resistant? The answer is yes. As its made from hydrocarbon-based resin known as polystyrene, the material when burned produces a toxic fume that is highly dangerous for inhaling.

To make it inflammable, we need to apply a protective coating over the Thermocol to ensure that it doesn’t get in a fire when exposed.  

Looking to apply Thermocol as roof heat insulation for your roof?

Thermocol is used greatly as roof heat insulation for your home. As since understanding the answer to the question Is Thermocol fire-resistant comes out positive, it still doesn’t minus out the importance of the material because of a cost-effective solution.

For people who are looking to avail of the Thermocol material for their home, simply call us at LCS waterproofing solution for the best heat insulation service in Pakistan.

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