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How is cooling paint different than regular paints?

The difference from the outside when someone looks at a cooling paint is that looks exactly like the regular paint. But the main difference is what’s inside.

People usually consider cooling paint is just regular paint in white color. That’s not the case by a long shot.

Here’s we’ll learn in great detail about what are all the important factors that help us understand the clear difference between cooling paint and regular paint.

Properties of cooling paint

Before we go further and understand the main difference paint about these two objects. It’s important to understand on what purpose do people go ahead and avail of this solution in the first place.

Let’s learn below about all of the important properties of cooling paint and what does it use for in real life.

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Reflect sunlight

The main purpose of a cooling paint which can also be guessed from its name is that it’s used to make your roof cool.

There’s various name suggesting about this chemical which is only applied over the roof to reflect sunlight.

The sunlight makes your roof hot, even if you rely on an air condition unit, you will face a tremendous amount of time to make your room cooler.

That’s because your roof is hot during summer as well as during night time. With the help of cooling paint, we can ensure that temperature over the roof is controlled as much as possible.

Looks like normal paint

Visually speaking, the cooling paint looks like normal paint which has created the troubling question about the chemicals being similar in terms of application as well.

The reason for its similar outlook in terms of containers is that the chemical industries from which cooling paint comes in the first place are the same place where your regular paints are manufactured.

Because of the containers present inside the manufacturing plants are usually similar to store the chemicals, these regular paint containers can be used to store the cooling paint as well, hence the similarity in its outlook is conformity.  

Comes in white color

As a rule of thumb, the cooling paint always comes in white color. Since the main role of cooling paint is to reflect the sunlight into the atmosphere.

Not for most people thinking about the regular paint and cooling paint the same because of the white color, its not the case at a long shot.

For the cooling paint, the chemical is more viscous than the regular paint and is waterproofed. Unlike the regular paint is easily washed away from water and high temperature within days and months.

Not only that, but the chemical also works for several years because it can withstand the environmental effects with great results.

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Uses elastomeric chemicals

The cooling paint chemicals are commonly known as elastomeric and in terms of effectiveness, the elastomeric chemicals come in white color.

Besides the color benefit, the cooling paint also works well during thermal contraction and expansion as chemical also alters based on the high temperature over the roof.

Thanks to our elastomeric cooling paint available for roof heat proofing purposes, people often avail of this solution at high temperature.


The flammability issue is a troubling element that has always been a reason for people to avoid a solution that is chemically procured.

But when dealing with cooling paint, there’s no trouble whatsoever about non-flammability as the chemical is 80% water and 20% elastomeric. Some parts in also used for the white pigment to get the necessary benefit of applying a roof heat proofing solution for your home.

Properties of Regular paint

The above properties that we have mentioned all links to a standard fact that cooling paint is no similar to our ordinary paints.

Here let’s talk more about some of the popular factors for which only regular paint can do the job for us.

The regular paints are used to the color wall for an aesthetic touch. The application can be done into several colors that come with its own set of textures and shades.

There’s also the availability of oil-based and water-based paints in which people apply over their homes. All of which simply point to the display element for their requirements to fulfill with the best of their abilities.

Want to purchase cooling paint for your home?

Cooling paint can completely revolutionize the chemical industry and how with various benefits that people have observed through availing this solution within a short period.

No matter if you need more information about cooling paint or simply convinced enough to avail the chemical application over your home, contact LCS waterproofing solutions, an expert waterproofing, and heat proofing company in Pakistan. 

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