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How to apply Elastomeric roof coating in Karachi?

There is a certain section in our society which beliefs on DIY (Do It Yourself) and it’s not a bad thing at all. For the same reason, we have listed down all the important facts in how to apply elastomeric roof coating in Karachi.

Although the solution is quite easy to apply, there’s a huge difference between the application from an amateur and an expert, because we are referring to the next generation solution which can reduce heat quite extensively.

Below are some of the great ways anyone can avail of the elastomeric roof coating in Karachi solution over their roof.

Checklist of elastomeric roof coating in Karachi

The most important thing on any solution application we start with a thorough checklist ahead of our application of the chemical.

This is important because, with preparation ahead of the actual application of the job, we can start with elastomeric roof coating in Karachi.

Below is all of the important points that you need to label in your Do It Yourself checklist for elastomeric roof coating in Karachi.

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Gather chemicals 

The elastomeric like name suggests is a chemical which is manufactured and available in Karachi without any difficulty.

The chemical gathering should be the first step in the domain if elastomeric roof coating in Karachi. We can start by procuring the chemical either from a manufacturer or through a retail shop.

Necessary equipment

The application of elastomeric roof coating in Karachi is done with the help of equipment. People that are looking to apply the chemical in the first place need to understand that these chemicals are in liquid form.

For anything that’s liquid is applied either through roller or brush, as these chemicals usually applied over the roof in a horizontal manner.

Experienced hands

Now you have chemicals and equipment, that all the required things you need for the elastomeric roof coating in Karachi job. But we can’t say for sure that’s it’s going to be enough for the work.

What we need along the elements is a set of experienced hands who know what they’re doing. These people will apply the chemical with the best solution, no trouble whatsoever/

These people can be obtained by contacting experts in heat proofing solutions, like LCS waterproofing solutions.

Clean roof thoroughly

Before the chemical application, it required to clean the roof with a sweeper. The cleaning is important as any debris or dust will only cause us trouble during chemical applications.

For people who want to have their roof protection from the adverse effects of high temperatures in Karachi, they can clean the roof though water and clean it thoroughly.

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Application during daytime

The elastomeric roof coating in Karachi is usually applied during the day time only. This is important to not just save costs but also ensure that we can understand How well the solution is being processed.

The daylight also ensures that every part of the roof is properly applied by the chemical. Through the use of artificial lighting, it’s very difficult is to notice small areas or hard to reach places in short.

Benefits of multiple coats

Once we are all set with the main checklist of elastomeric roof coating in Karachi, we can apply multiple coatings over the roof for providing it more strength into the heat proofing solution.

The coating is nothing but reapplication of the same elastomeric roof coating in Karachi chemicals over the already applied chemical.

Since the main science behind the heat proofing solution is the sunlight reflection, so the better the chemical is more sunlight will leave over the roof.

Advantages of application through heat proofing company

We can always receive the services of a professional heat proofing company for our elastomeric roof coating in Karachi.

There are numerous benefits of hiring a heat proofing company, whether you know how to apply heat proofing solution or not.

Security and Insurance

Since people hire these companies who provide heat elastomeric roof coating in Karachi, they can also ensure that work security is completely acquired.

The company will not just apply chemicals in the first place, but also provide much-needed insurance of the job, for both chemical and application.

Other uses for elastomeric roof coating in Karachi

After learning about some benefits of using elastomeric roof coating in Karachi, the next question which comes on people mind is are there other uses of the chemical.

There are more than one uses of elastomeric roof coating in Karachi as the chemical is quite robust and aimed to make surface water-resistant. For the same reason, we have listed down some of the popular places where elastomeric roof coating can be used without any trouble.


Waterproofing is a broad term that is above the use of the chemical on only a single place such as the roof. 

As far as elastomeric roof coating in Karachi goes, its chemical can be used over any place. Some of the lightly important places where a waterproofing solution is needed are the bathroom, water tank, basement, and damped walls.

The waterproofing chemical is applied without any discrimination, although for the roof, most of the company uses additional solutions such as canvas sheets to make the leakage controlled even better as the roof leakage affects the entire home.

Protect heat insulation from leakage

The thing about an elastomeric roof coating in Karachi is that it’s used for heat proofing material as the name suggests.

Elastomeric that is used for waterproofing comes in white color as the white pigment is added over elastomeric.

Through the white color paint, the light will be reflected into the atmosphere although when water passes over the roof for washing purposes it won’t remove the paint over the roof that easily, which increases the life of the material tenfold.

Mixed with cement

As we have mentioned above that the use of elastomeric roof coating in Karachi can also be worked as a waterproofing solution.

Although the chemical itself is a polymer that needs the additional feature of adhesive over the surface without any trouble.

Cement is mixed with raw elastomeric roof coating in Karachi so that it works as the water-resistance solution and is later coated over the walls or roof where water leakage is a menace.

Other work in construction

The elastomeric chemical comes in great support for vast construction works. Because its a polymer with a high amount of boiling point, it is used as a bonding agent along with concrete.

In construction, this chemical-based solution is referred to as adhesives where the material is always mixed with a cement mixture to get the intended result.

Looking to avail elastomeric roof coating in Karachi from an experienced company?

LCS waterproofing solution has been providing elastomeric roof coating in Karachi for several years without any fail. People who looking to strengthen their roof with an improved reflective coating must hire us for the job of roof heat proofing solution in Karachi.

Any other query regarding Waterproofing , Heat Proofing , Heat Insulation and Construction Chemical Supplies and Services feel free to contact us at Lakhwa.com

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