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List of cheap thermal insulation materials list in Pakistan

People are always in the lookout for some cost-effective solution to counter intense heat in Pakistan. For the same reason, we have listed our list of cheap thermal insulation materials list in Pakistan.

But before actually going ahead with listing down the materials used as insulation in Pakistan, it might be possible that no all of these materials are easily available from the market, although most of them will surely be.

But for anything else, we can always go ahead and contact a reputable thermal insulation supplier in Pakistan by searching from the internet.

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Firstly, used for several other areas, fiberglass is lightweight and found in abundance, along with a pretty good Resistivity index which can be applied as insulation material in Pakistan.

The main thing about using fiberglass for roof insulation related work, there are various forms through which we can use the fiberglass in the first place.

We can use it as a solution, or in the form of solid sheets simply laid down horizontally over the roof to secure our roof from the adverse effects of the high temperature in Pakistan.


Wool, which can be natural or synthetic is a great insulation material with a natural tendency to withstand the harsh weather with great results.

The main reason for using wool in because of its cheap cost and also its applied is quite easy as compared to other forms of heat insulation methods.

Another benefit of using wool is that it can be used inside of our homes as well, such as using in between the sections of walls and roof, which present even more protection from the high temperature in Pakistan.


Cellulose insulation is a synthetic material that comes in the form of insulation as a sandwich. Because it’s used as a foam through the high-pressure nozzle, the cellulose insulation can be used in between the sections any place we need to secure from harsh weather.

As compared to other cheap thermal insulation materials list, Cellulose might not come as common as others, but although its fiber structure is surely available in solid form.


Polyurethane is considered as a household name whenever someone hears the world heat insulation material.

Why does polyurethane become such a huge success? Simply because it’s easy to apply and cost reasonable.

Since heat insulation material is used in quantity, if a material cost high, it won’t make people home that easily. The best course of action is learning from cheap thermal insulation materials list and get only those material which is by far most reasonable for larger areas.

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Polystyrene or sometimes known as EPS foam is a cheap material used for structural insulation. These materials are usually found in large sheets, which then is applied in between the section as a sandwich to secure from the adverse heat waves in Pakistan.

Talking about the cheap thermal insulation materials list, Polystyrene is a pretty good application overheat as well as a small level of waterproofing.

The only drawback by using Polystyrene is the wastage which can be reduced if hired a professional heat insulation applicator company in Pakistan.

Wood Panel

Wood is by far widely accepted material for heat insulation, only the catch here is to use a standard size of wood so that we can apply it over our roofs without any trouble.

Using wood panels as heat insulation material will greatly assist us in protecting our roof from the high temperature for years to come.

Simply using nothing but wood will work like a charm, although it is advised to use wood in between the section or apply a protective coating to secure it from water-based damage.

Rock and Slag fill

Many times we have found that the use of Rock and Slag over roof doesn’t only work as heat insulation material but also as beautification of one’s home.

As it found in abundance, rocks, and slag work to fix the heat to a small degree, but still helps greatly during heat waves, protection from rain, and environmental moistures.  

Want to latest thermal insulation material over your roof?

People need to keep working with new and improved technologies for their homes to understand how various types of roof heat insulation materials work.

If for some reason this thermal insulation materials list raises more eyebrows, contact an expert insulation provider like LCS waterproofing solutions and we’ll surely provide much-needed support for our customers.

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