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Benefits of new construction foundation waterproofing in Pakistan

Often, we hear from various experts about the importance of foundation waterproofing in Pakistan, but no matter what we say, there’s no substitute for the required importance of new construction foundation waterproofing.

This gives us a good chance to discuss it in general and also help our readers to understand why do people underline the important facets of new construction foundation waterproofing in Pakistan.

Below are some of the widely agreed benefits of new construction foundation waterproofing in Pakistan.

Waterproofing over hard to reach places

When we undergo with foundation waterproofing after the construction is complete, what we are availing is nothing but basement waterproofing.

And most of us know without a shredder of the doubt that there’s no resemblance between basement waterproofing and foundation waterproofing by a long shot.

Hence when we go with the new construction foundation waterproofing, it’s quite easy for the applicator to apply waterproofing chemicals on hard to reach places since the leakage and seepage might happen from any place, it’s evident enough to take better understanding to fix this issue during the construction process.

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Pour chemicals in between 

What we try to discuss in this part is the issue which most application experts faced during basement waterproofing or in other words foundation waterproofing after construction.

They can only happen to apply chemical over the surface, which means the chemical color will take over the natural color of the floor or walls for that matter.

For most people, it might be not needed. But during the new construction foundation waterproofing in Pakistan, we can apply the waterproofing chemical between the blocks or concrete.

Or at best, we can simply apply the chemicals during the pouring process of cement, which will help make our concrete secure from the adverse effects of leakage and seepage for the better.

Security from Soil moisture

The basement waterproofing can never protect us from the soil moisture. It is because the main damage is done inside the ground, where the main foundation lies under.

When we apply new construction foundation waterproofing, what we ensure is to protect the concrete and reinforced iron rods from the moisture.

In Pakistan, the water content under our soil is usually greater than your average level. Hence its quite important to go for new construction foundation waterproofing because our entire depends on it.

Helps to create in-flow of water

Let’s say when the walls and floors from both inside and out are properly waterproofed, any water which comes either from underground or externally will love in controlled and out towards drainage.

The main goal for new construction foundation waterproofing is to ensure that water doesn’t damage our concrete, but moves towards the drainages.

But when the chemical is applied over the floor and walls of the basement, the effectiveness reduces tremendously.

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The main work of new construction foundation waterproofing is not too much time consuming, and when a job is done quickly, it is labeled as a cost-effective solution, to say the least.

For people who are more interested in anything cost-effective, waterproofing solution for a new foundation seems to be a solution that holds this distinction without any fail.

Not just paying less amount of the job, but thanks to this next-gen solution, the damage was done over the foundation over the years will surely reduce the cumulative rates of our home. Although when enough time passes and your home’s condition remain intact, the value of your home will naturally increase.

Additional years added

Wouldn’t it be great if additional years are added into our home simply by applying some chemical applications during the new construction foundation waterproofing?

This will be the case as compared to other homes where no protective coating is applied over their constructions. Hence it’s only valid to consider the importance of applying these next-gen solutions by seeing the bigger picture. As it without a doubt increase the years over the lives of your home, way more if you go with simply basement waterproofing solution.

Want to avail of new construction foundation waterproofing in Pakistan?

People often forget or don’t consider applying new construction foundation waterproofing. Although no matter how you look at it, there’s no substitute for applying waterproofing chemicals over the foundation during construction. There’s no foundation waterproofing after the construction, only basement waterproofing.

Want to find more about foundation waterproofing? Simply contact us at LCS waterproofing solutions and we’ll provide you free consultation along with the most professional waterproofing service you can get in Pakistan.

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