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Tips to perform concrete water tank leakage solution in Pakistan

It’s not a mystery to performing waterproofing in Pakistan, although as an expert in the field, it’s our responsibility to provide a good set of tips for our readers, especially regarding concrete water tank leakage solutions in Pakistan.

We have accumulated some of the top-rated solutions which greatly assist people in understanding how they do it, the waterproofing solution over the water tank, especially if it’s made out of the concrete structure.

Clean your water tank

First thing first, there won’t be any concrete water tank leakage solution possible if your water tank has water in it. Not just it has water, but it should be properly cleaned along the way.

The cleaning process might take a lot of time, depending on how much water and other elements are laying around it. The main purpose here is to ensure that no substance is laying around during the main chemical application under a concrete water tank.

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Ample amount of artificial lightening

Since most of the or almost all of the water tank in Pakistan is made in such a way that no natural light is possible to find its way inside.

As people, it’s quite evident enough to have a system of lights in place which will help us proceed with concrete water tank leakage solution in the first place.

The lighting should be bright and without any obstacle in place because it will help the experts to apply proper concrete water tank leakage solutions without any reservations.

Choose your waterproofing chemical

Now its time to apply chemical, but before anything else, it’s highly emphasized to go with any selection of waterproofing chemical. There are various methods people can opt for, such as bitumen and polymer-based solution.

Waterproofing chemical ones selected, the next step is to purchase the material in quantity, as it’s advised to be safe than sorry as no one can fully comprehend how much chemical is needed in the first place.

But when an expert waterproofing company is hired for the job, not just the chemicals will be covered by them in terms of procurement, but they will ensure to charge minimum and that there’s no trouble for wastages which is even better.

Go with cementitious or membrane

The cementitious solution greatly works for concrete walls, the same can be said for concrete water tank leakage solution. The main thing about other solution which doesn’t look like cement and their use refers to the need bases only.

The main thing about using cementitious with a water tank is because cementitious uses cement, which is safe.

The use of bitumen chemical is not recommended because bitumen is oil-based and highly toxic especially when water will keep on pouring down over our domestic use.

The benefit of multiple coatings

Concrete water tank leakage solution can never be completed without applying multiple coatings over its surface.

When even an expert will ensure to provide a professional waterproofing solution, the one thing it will ascertain is to apply multiple coatings over the surface which further cement on the leakage and seepage protection over the concrete in the first place.

As for DIY, that’s where more product comes into play since the single coating is not enough for protection over several worths of years.

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Fill cracks where needed

Then again, we have forgotten to mention one of the critical aspects of the concrete water tank leakage solution. Why do most of the people avail the surfaces of the water tank in the first place, is because of the adverse effects of leakage and seepage over your homes.

The cracks must be properly filled up because the main chemical application would also be not possible with cracks present everywhere over your concrete water tank.

The crack repair is possible either using bitumen membrane waterproofing or through the help of a masonry.

Want to take advantage of a reputable waterproofing company in Pakistan?

To ensure that your concrete water tank is properly coated with waterproofing chemicals, these tips will greatly increase our chances to ensure that we apply the tasks on our own with a successful result.

But for people who are ok with outsourcing the work to people who are responsible for providing professional work in the first place, simply contact us at LCS waterproofing for more information and we’ll make sure that your concrete water tank leakage solution is done and done right.

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