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Top 5 types of roofing sheets used in Pakistan

When going on and about the types of roofing sheets used in Pakistan, what people are more interested to learn about all those roofing sheets that do a remarkable job.

The main job of a roofing sheet is to ensure that your house is secure from the damages in the form of rainwater, direct sunlight, and elements that might get into our way.

Below are some of the popular types of roofing sheets used in Pakistan in our homes either its permeant or makeshift ones.

Galvanized Sheets

Ranking at the top place is the galvanized sheets which seem to be among the top-rated considering the top-notch types of roofing sheets.

Commenting on the basic structure of galvanized sheets used for roofing material, it’s made from the material steel.

Since steel is a material that is quite strong and withstands even the harshest of elements for the better. But galvanized is a zinc alloy coating which increases the life of these types of roofing sheets.

With the help of zinc alloy coating, the steel sheet is protected for years to come from the adverse effects of rusts. Plus, its always way cheaper as compared to other types of roofing sheets, which is one factor to make this roofing material quite popular in Pakistan.

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Corrugated Sheets

Dealing with other types of roofing sheets, the corrugated sheet is also made from the same steel material but to make it stronger and more resilient, we remake the shape in corrugated.

With the help of corrugate structure, the steel quantity over the sheet is not simple stronger but also quite lightweight as compared to the simple metal sheet used for roofing material.

For further add up the strength into the roofing material, by applying zinc coating over the roofing sheet will increase the rust effectiveness for the better.

Fiber Cement Sheet

Used mostly overseas and in single stories house, fiber cement sheets seem to be best in both worlds. No just its cheaper as compared to other roofing sheets, but it’s also quite stronger comparatively, without using a lot of material quality in the first place.

For homes that are made from an uneven floor its also considered quite a good match for homes with even floor. They are applied as section, hence the space for customization based on the roof structure seems to have a good facet over construction elements.

Bitumen Sheeting

With the sheet made from the same material as metal, the bitumen sheeting plays quite a vital role during the rainy season.

For other types of roofing sheets, mostly are coated with zinc alloy, while the bitumen sheeting is covered by, you guess right, bitumen.

The main purpose to apply bitumen coating in the first place is to make it waterproof while from the manufacturing level.

On the other hand, For people who are looking to make their ordinary steel sheet as waterproofed, simply apply the bitumen chemical over the roof sheet in the first place.

Tile Effects Sheet

From another perspective, some people are more inclined towards the design elements of the roofing, rather than the security.

People with the mindset, one of the best types of roofing sheets that go with their requirement is tile effects sheets.

The best thing about the tile effects sheet is the effects made over the tiles which can be easily applied over the roof.

Another thing about these types of roofing sheets is the lightweight and cost-effectiveness of the entire protection.

How to make types of roofing sheets waterproof?

Now let’s start asking the most important question, how to secure your various types of roofing sheets from the raining and other water-based damages?

Simply, you go with waterproofing solutions, which comes in two forms, chemicals, and membrane. Let’s go one by one what are these waterproofing solutions seems to provide for us in the better, and how to go about with this solution in the first place.

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Apply waterproofing chemicals

The most popular waterproofing solution that works with various types of roofing sheets is nonother than the chemical-based solution.

The chemical is applied without any materials and helps greatly in reducing the leakage and seepage over many years to come.

Using waterproofing membrane

The waterproofing membrane is also a type of solution which are more or less applied to cover two problems in one go. One is to make the roof waterproof, and the other is to repair cracks over the roof.

Since the membrane is itself a material with some allocated thickness, the waterproofing membrane is usually used over a flat roof.

Contact professional waterproofing company for your leaky roof ASAP

Simply with the help of waterproofing coating, it’s evident enough to use these solutions in the first place to protect various types of roofing sheets in Pakistan.

For anyone looking to avail the waterproofing services, contact us at LCS waterproofing solutions and we’ll ensure to provide the solution that’s up to their liking.

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